Maybe the title of my note sounds odd, but i was thinking about how beautiful it is to watch and observe giving going on around us.  Maybe it's a child offering a gift to her grandfather, a young man carrying a heavy load for a widow, an older mom sitting with a grieving young mother, or just the glorious opening of gifts on Christmas morning, when the family is gathered close.  Beautiful just doesn't seem strong enough to describe it, so i'm choosing glorious!  After all, giving brings glory to Him, because it pleases Him when we give.

I'm so happy to be part of a group of women that give generously each month to share their stories: 


We have two young moms that lead busy lives with boys, and they're so kind to share their struggles and victories...and lessons learned...with us!  A few of us "older" and (hopefully wise) women share what we've learned over decades of living and loving...with poems and ideas and encouragement!  There's even a 3-year old sharing her flare for style and joy this month, Kayleigh (and her middle name is Joy!).  One of our writers is a single mom, and her words and wisdom are powerful as she navigates life with her now grown twins.  Our newest writer is an author of several books, and she has a passion to share, which brings life to our pages!   Another of our writers pens so honestly...as she offers God her "life right now" and shares with us the pain and the pleasure of working and waiting...for her desires to be fulfilled.  And there's another mom that shares from the heart with humor and candor, the struggles we all have in raising families and loving well!  And as always, we include a guest writer each month. This December that guest is a senior in high school that's thoughtful, creative, beautiful and very expressive!

This month is FULL of practical ideas for Christmas giving, cooking, dealing with the kiddos, and more.  We hope you can find something to try...and don't forget date night and time with friends!  Maybe you need a reminder of His love, something to read that makes you chuckle or stirs your passion.  Or maybe you've lost your song and need a melody to brighten your step.  It's all here on the pages of A Bundle of THYME.

We just finished our 7th year of publication.  We don't make money, we just love to encourage, to offer hope...the thrill of living...with Him this Christmas season and all year long...

Glorious Giving

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