I feel like almost everyone I talked to by end of summer was either disappointed that travel plans were cancelled, or they were longing to go anywhere, somewhere, just for a weekend or a week...to escape the heat and well...the reminders of covid.  Of course, covid is everywhere, but a different town, a new scene, and other experiences are so refreshing and necessary.  And trying new things boosts our moods, too.  So this month, when a new season is beginning, we are offering you all sorts of ideas and encouragement to just go!  Go away, hit the road, go outside, go to Him, go for help...and more.


If you choose to actually hit the road, we have food ideas that will travel on the TIPS page, and even DATE NIGHT FUN can be had planning that trip.  And if you choose to take the kids with you, our three moms shared their trips and tips on making it fun, safe, and organized!  We just got back from a long road trip, and were so thankful for the escape, for sure!


Maybe you're a mom and this school thing - whether to send them or keep them home - has been more than you can take.  Or your marriage has been under severe stress because of life and all the changes and restrictions.  Or perhaps you've tried shopping on line and it just frustrates you - because you can't try anything on!  We've got encouragement for you to go on, keep trying, and hope again.


All of our writers have different life experiences, some have kids and some don't, and we are all of different ages.  I love that most about our magazine, because we bring to you different flavors but with all the same base ingredient...Jesus.  He's the center of fun, parenting, marriage, our spiritual life, and day to day struggles. 


Our purpose in writing and sharing our stories is to always offer up encouragement to just go...to Him...learn from Him...love others...and love yourselves...go well.


It's going to be a splendid September!


Marcy Lytle 

Just Go

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