Everyone says it, not just the old, but the young do as well, "Time sure flies!"  And we're all feeling the crunch and the amazement of the fact that fall is here, and the last three months of the years have begun - that roller coaster ride with its ups and downs - as we head toward the end of the year.  How can that be?

I absolutely love October, especially the colors and scents of autumn.  Halloween fun is to be had at the end of the month and we've got you covered with ideas for the teens who still want to spook but are too old to dress up, and for the family as you gather for a devotional about those scary images that pop up in the dark.  The 31st will be here before you know it, and we will wonder where October went! Oh my!

Even though the world is spinning so fast and time is flying by, there are other times when we feel like life cannot change fast enough.  We're so tired of waiting on change. I love our writer's honesty on the YOU page when she writes about waiting for the right guy, and why that's tough.  Another writer on the ENCOURAGEMENT page shares how she had waited long enough after her babies were born, and now she's embracing health and change in her body!  She's amazing!  And what about the waiting in marriage, when one partner is suffering and the struggle is real...read about this on the MARRIAGE page.

Every month, our writers come up with fresh and relevant stories for women of all ages.  I am always amazed at their creativity and willingness to share.  Every time we get ready for another issue, I can't believe how quick the months arrive, especially this October.  It's been seven years since we started A Bundle of THYME.  It's hard to believe, but...

Here it is, the 10th month of the year and once again we've got style ideas from a little girl named Cypress, stocking ideas from our panel of readers, ways to think of date ideas and tips for the farmers market, and so much more...all from a group of women I've come to love and adore.

Our REAL STORIES column features a young woman that's an entrepreneur of a business that was inspired from visiting Disney World!  Don't let the month fly by without reading her story!

Oh, October, I'm so excited you're here and I hope your days are breezy and cool, orange and cinnamon, and full of life and laughter.

Oh, It's October!

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