It seems we’re all waiting for something.  Right now, our community and state and nation are all waiting for the day when we can walk the streets and stores without face masks, without fear of infection, without another surge in cases.  We’re also waiting for that day when racial injustice is no longer an issue, because we all love our neighbors as we love ourselves and love God first.  On a lighter note, we are waiting for summer heat to subside and fall temps to blow in…but we know that will be a while.  However, we KNOW that seasons change and cool breezes WILL blow.

I think it’s so cool how HE set seasons in motions, as well as morning and night, to give us reminders in the sky and in the air that change awaits when the heat of the day is too much.  Night will fall and provide a time of rest.  Seasons will change to usher in new blooms and breezes, and scents and smells.  There’s ALWAYS hope for good.

Waiting seems to be something we’re writing about this month!  Our feature story is about becoming anxious while we wait and being willing to substitute God’s best with something else…never a good thing!  We’re happy to have Samantha Ellis as a guest writer this month!  Even on the TIPS page, we address the issue of waiting.  Some have curbed their shopping or getting dressed up, waiting for the pandemic to be over.  But I say, shop and wear it now!  Why wait?  It’s okay to wear that dress you love, even if you’re only sitting on the sofa to watch yet another movie.  Dressing up lifts the mood!

On the HOME page, the family devo (printable and free!) is about teaching our kids to wait on God in quiet times with Him.  There is no better time than now to instill in each member of the family the longing to wait before Him, listen, and be blessed.  Great times!  Maybe you’re waiting for date nights to resume after all of world returns to normal.  Normal is way overrated – go on your dates now!  We’ve had ideas the past few months, and we’re still sharing ways to connect with dating – safely and with so much fun.

Need a bit of encouragement, while you wait on life as we know it to return?  We’ve gotcha covered, from observing the ravens (did you know this bird is mentioned several times in the bible?), to reaffirming the truth that He is our healer in all seasons of life.  Whether we’re waiting on physical healing, emotional stability, or provision for our needs; His word stands firm and true.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like to wait.  When food is ready, I want to eat it while it’s hot.  If there’s a long line, I’ll pass or find another way.  And waiting on answers to prayer?  Well, sometimes it seems too much and too long, doesn’t it?  What if the answer I’m looking for never comes?

We never know what the next season will bring, and right now summer is here.  We can choose to observe the heat and the sun, stick out our tongues and pant, and throw up our hands and cry.  Or…we can wait patiently while looking for a cool place to rest, enjoy a sip of a cold drink, and KNOW that a new season is just around the corner.

We miss so much while we wait, when we whine and wail.  We see so much when we wait, when we give thanks and observe the raven, His goodness, the gift of friendship, and so much more…

What are you waiting for?

Marcy Lytle

But, Wait!

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