There's just no other way to describe the world at the moment.  It's just weird.  It's a weird, weird, world.  And summer is going to be weird, as well.  Summer vacations will be staycations for the most part, even though we've all being staying close to home for a few months, now.  Pools and parks are opening back up, but parents are still super cautious...and masks are part of our attire now...everywhere.  Eating in restaurants looks different, shopping on line is booming, and it's just a season like no other in our lives!

What hasn't changed; however, is the steadfastness of our relationship with Him.  In every season, normal or weird, He remains faithful and true to His character and love.  I really enjoyed reading Unearthly Thing this month, where Angela reminds us that we are uniquely made and loved by the One that created us.  We are reminded again of his unchanging love when Bekah, on the MARRIAGE page, reminds that we don't have to "tap dance" and perform in order to feel valued and of worth.  I love BOTH of these articles!

What else hasn't changed?  I've found that the simple things of life were there all along, for me to see and enjoy, but I'd lost sight of them in the busyness.  Check out FRESH THYME and read "Simple Things" and see if you can add your own to the list!  Carole talks about haste and waste - you know the saying - in this time where we've been required to slow down and breathe.  In fact, because we've all been at home, our outside air is now nicer and cleaner to breathe.  So, breathe in deeply!

Change has not occurred in the area of hope, either.  Bethany shares her own story of uncovering what appeared to be hidden hope. And although her backyard landscape looks different now due to the death of a huge tree that was the main attraction, Ginny tells us tales of hope even after death!

Every article, from the practical ideas for fashion and parenting and dating...to the deep and thought provoking articles from the heart, we hope to remind you that this weird summer can also be a wonderful summer.  Take time to read each page and try something new.  If your kids are bummed at the changes they're experiencing, or need a faith booster, check out the HOME page.

There's a little something for everyone on the pages of A Bundle of THYME, and that never changes either...even in this weird, weird, season of summer that lays out before us full of sunshine and smiles behind the masks that we're wearing...

Happy June!

Summer Weird

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