My husband keeps saying that businesses everywhere ought to capitalize on the 2020 and use it for advertising, about how we need clear vision for the new year!  I think that's a great idea, so I'm using it here!

2020 - that perfect number for perfect vision.  Is there such a thing, and do people really have that kind of eyesight?  As we age, we know that our vision perfection declines.  And I'm thinking that it fluctuates throughout our lives, especially emotionally, spiritually, and in how we view others, the world and even God.  Sometimes we see things so clearly, we have paths that are plain and laid out before us.  Other times, the way is obscure and we have to walk one step at a time by faith, when our vision isn't so clear.  Sometimes, God's ways are clear and understandable, but others times he requires us to walk just holding his hand without seeing the way. 

One of our writers talks about the world "clarity" and how it's the word for her family in the new year.  They want clarity of purpose, that kind of 2020 ideal path with no obstacles or dark forests to fight their way through.  Sickness and disappointment and loss all represent dark clouds and stormy nights that are difficult to see how to find that place of peace, when light isn't present to our eyes.  

However, the LIGHT is ALWAYS present. Just like the sun is always there, behind the clouds, so is God and his perfect 2020 vision and light.  One of the things I write about in one article is how I love the lights of Christmas on houses, on the trees, and on my mantel.  I do not like it when the lights come down!  So why do we have to take them ALL down?  I plan to leave up lots of lights and change them out, throughout the year.  You can read about my idea!

Another type of 2020 vision is wisdom, and we know that we can ask for it and he will gladly give it to us!  In fact, it's the topic of the family devo this month, free for you to print out and enjoy with your kiddos!

Our "real story" this month is written by a couple that found their 2020 vision that carved out a path - a brand new path - for them.  It involved a HUGE change in their lives, but they saw clearly and went for it!

Whatever your sight is right now, obscured or clear as the light of day, be assured that even when our paths are flooded and our skies are gray, 2020 vision is there for the asking.  He has promised that if we trust him and acknowledge him, with all our hearts, he WILL direct our paths.

Happy New Year!


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