This month is the time of year when we want to open our windows, look out into our yards, and see signs of green and growth.  Am I right?  I know most people are tired of winter by now and hope to open their blinds and see less of the white stuff and more of the colors of spring!  But as we all know, winter can linger in some places and stay uninvited way too long.  And in places like where I live, spring teases us with warm days and cool days, stormy days and sunny days, all in a 24-hour period!

It seems that looking out through a window or a portal is a theme of several of our stories this month!  One of our FRESH THYME stories was penned after seeing roses bloom in January, outside a window – and what a shock that was! Were they fooled by mother nature?  Another writer asks us just what it is that we’re looking at, and how what we see so affects how we feel!  And still another story talks about the portal of pain – that window that only exists down a long dark path – but opens into glorious light!

I don’t really open my windows in my house much, because of bugs.  If screens aren’t tight, the bugs can find a way in, and we have lots of bugs in Central Texas!   However, I do open the blinds – all of them – to let in the light.  I cannot stand sitting in a dark room when the light of day is outside!  As soon as the sun rises, I’m walking to every window and letting that light illuminate every room. 

What windows do you have open, or shut?  Another writer, over on the ENCOURAGEMENT page, talks about there being a purpose to our pain.  She has learned this through her own experiences, but it’s so true.  It’s like the portal mentioned above.  There’s never a dark period or hallway in which we have to walk, that He hasn’t promised good to emerge from that open window we can’t see at first.  But when we do, we run toward it!

Have you ever been on a cave tour when they turn out all the lights?  It’s so dark you can’t even see your hands!  The guide has to use a flashlight or turn on and off switches to lead the crowd back to the opening where the light beams in.  Last year, we took three littles on a cave tour and ended up carrying two of them toward the end of the tour, because their legs were tired.  But so were ours!  It was a thrill to finally walk around the last path and see the opening to the sunshine above.  It gave us energy to finish the tour.

As you read March’s issue, think about opening up your heart to new things, cleaning out old attitudes and hurts (as you clean your house too – we are sharing our faves on the TIPS page!).  Plan a date night out and use one of our tips for incorporating the color green into your fun.  And by all means, look for the light through the windows, portals, gates, or passageways on which you walk.  The Light is always beside you and has promised never to leave you.  Just keep walking and looking up…and you’ll catch another glimpse of hope for today and tomorrow! It’s a promise. 

Happy spring!

Through the Window

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