It's November, and celebrations begin...nonstop...with family and feasting and fun.

This is one of the most exciting seasons of the year for most, but also one of the most exhausting seasons.  Being around family can be great...or not that wonderful.  All of that cooking and baking can be pleasurable and fragrant...or laborious and messy.  And celebrating?  Well, we all love a good celebration, but what about the shopping and wrapping that's coming down on us, as well?  Are you feeling grumpy and tired and a little bit frustrated, yet?

Some say celebration should take place all year, not just on special occasions.  That's true, but I need the reminders, and I for one like the special days on the calendar to plan for and prepare for.  However, I don't like to be so tired that I cannot enjoy said family, those new recipes, the shopping and the purchasing, and all that goes with those "Hallmark moments" this time of year!

We hope to help us all with all of the above, by offering solutions, encouragement, fun, and rest...in the most busiest time of the year!

Marriages can struggle in the holidays season, so those routines that settle and ground us are important.  Check out "Those Routines" on the MARRIAGE page.  Families can start bickering and become easily irritated, so gather the kiddos and print out the monthly devo on the HOME page, to start out the season with an outlook of gratitude.  Focus on "What Matters Most" and read more stories from the ENCOURAGEMENT page.

You're going to need some easy snacks for company and for when you're kids are hungry, and everyone wants something to munch on.  We've got you covered on the TIPS page! You're going to need a boost, so check out the poem called "Thanksgiving Bells" on the YOU page.  And you might even wonder why are we celebrating...at all?  It's just too much trouble!  Read the story in the Tried and True column on the TIPS page.  

I feel like this month's magazine needs to be a reference for you, to click over, read a story, breathe in and breathe out, and whisper a word of thanks.  You can thank HIM or him, or her or them.  Just offer thanks, even if you feel like offering the back of your hand.  And see if a little peace doesn't creep in and overtake the tiredness and the busyness and whisper back softly in your ear, "Rest while you celebrate." 

Sound impossible to do?  Start now by watching your calendar and keeping it just enough full for fun, and just enough empty for peace...and keep it that way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marcy Lytle

Peaceful Gratitude

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