It's the month when we fall back, we gain an hour, and the time changes.  As if we haven't already had enough change this year!

My grandmother had a sign in her kitchen that said something like cheer up - things could be worse - so I cheered up and sure enough - things got worse!  I suppose we could all hang that sign in our kitchens now, decades later, and it would be so true with all that's gone on in the world.  No matter where you live, your life as you knew it changed earlier this year...and it's not back to normal, yet!

Speaking of change, we know it's just inevitable.  So this month, this 10th month of the year, let's embrace the changes with gusto and joy.  The weather is changing, fall styles are emerging, and change is still happening...whether we like it or not!

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If change is hard and you buck it daily, think about pliable clay as you read the ENCOURAGEMENT page.

There's a story for you and a friend somewhere on the pages of our magazine this month, that will help you as we all make the changes that come with a new season. Did I mention the election?  There's just "change" written on our foreheads this month, and it's quite daunting, isn't it?  Some of us liked the way things were...back in 2019...and here we are coming close to 2021.  Who knew so much change would be occurring?

I'm so very thankful that with all the changes, good and bad, we have God who is our solid rock on which we can stand - because all other ground is sinking sand (remember that hymn?).  I don't know about you, but I need the consistency that walking with him brings as he holds my hand on rocky ground.

Just today we walked a trail that was quite rocky and it slowed us down a bit, but we made it just fine.  We emerged at the end, a bit healthier, with a good workout, and we were thankful a lady had warned us about the path before we started.  

Here's our warning:  Life is rocky.  And it's not to be navigated alone.  However, with Him as our walking partner, we might actually say we had fun at the end of the day...rocks...change of direction...and all.


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