The headlines scream of lies, hidden agendas, falsified documents, and the list goes on.  Crazed media scrambling for the next best story to expose someone, so that they can receive applause and be discovered, is dominating our airwaves. Our street corners and sidewalks are flowing with homeless and vulnerable people asking for handouts. Again, the list goes on.  We can quickly pass by, close our eyes, or make a false judgment that we know nothing about.  These are all people created in God’s image, carrying within their hearts a heavenly knowledge that there is something greater.


Recently, we saw the movie about the security guard that was accused of the 1996 bombing during the Atlanta Olympics.  It appeared that no one was really looking at any other perpetrator.  All eyes were obsessed with Richard Jewell.  Of course, if you know the story, justice was served and righteousness prevailed, but how long did it take?  The toll placed on those involved was enormous. 


As I was pondering these things, Isaiah 59 came to mind. Verses 14-16:

Justice is driven away, and righteousness stands on the sidelines, for truth has stumbled in the public square and morality cannot enter. Yes, truth has disappeared and those who turn from evil become the next victim. And then He was astonished that there was no champion, not even one who would rescue the oppressed. So then His almighty power was released to deliver, and His own righteousness supported Him.


Verses 20-21


He will come to Zion as a Kinsman-Redeemer…


Truly, He has done it!  He has brought the One who has become sin, so we can be filled with Truth and Justice!


Real, actual, total, complete, finished FORGIVENESS has carried our pain and sorry into the Sea of Forgetfulness!  When there was no champion, God sent His Champion!  Now, we are filled with JUSTICE, TRUTH, and FORGIVENESS!  Stories are flowing out of our prisons and jails of captives being set truly free!  Transformed lives are rising up out of the ashes!  Ministries for the homeless and orphans are beginning to bring Holy Spirit’s love and power for the forgotten.  By His Spirit living within passionate believers, God is bringing restitution and revival, and it’s growing and expanding more than ever before. 


Psalm 7: 10-11


God, Your wrap-around presence is my protection and my defense. You bring victory in all who reach out for You. Righteousness is revealed every time You judge. Because of the strength of Your FORGIVENESS!


People in politics, media, and these systems of men, are individuals with choices.  The problems are huge with no one person to blame. Many called into these areas are there for great purpose.  I want to support my leaders with honor, whether I agree with them or not. I want to make a difference, so I will pray and decree the truths that I know to be real and full of life for everyone. 


I do not have to fret or worry about injustice, but I can join the crowd of transformers and dive into purpose and passion.  There is nothing too difficult for Him and no person too far gone.  The least of the least are hearing the call.  It is impossible to be excluded from His divine love and compassion.  And that, my friends, is irresistible! 


Justice has been found!

Justice Found
by Ginny Hurley

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