Some like to spend big on date night.  Others are overwhelmed by the cost of babysitting (for parents with young kids), eating out blows their budget, and trying to decide where to go (and deal with traffic) is not fun – one bit!  This month, we thought we’d share some date night ideas on a budget for the stay at home couples, as well as the city roamer folks.  Whether you stay in or go out, enjoy yourself without being overwhelmed.  Just choose something from the list below and make it happen!


  • Get all dressed up and get your favorite fast food, bring some fancy plates, and park on a hillside near sunset.  Open the back of your car or just sit on the hood and enjoy yourselves.  Take some fun pictures.  After dark, get back in the car and listen to your favorite tunes.

  • Make the meal all about dessert!  It won’t hurt to do this ONE NIGHT.  Search your area and find a good pastry, some fantastic ice cream, and great coffee.  Make the three stops, and play a different game at each place.

  • The bookstore might be for you!  We’ve mentioned this idea before, but here’s a different twist.  Browse the cooking section for a new cookbook on the bargain shelf!  Sit down and pick out a favorite drink and dessert.  Head to the store and get the ingredients, then arrive at home to make it together and enjoy…by candlelight.

  • Pick a street.  Find a street in your town (or one nearby) that has lights, sights, brews and stews.  Walk from one end to the other.  Stop in a couple of places.  Hold hands.  Head home.

  • Taco Tour.  Find three taco places and plan to purchase one at each restaurant.  Either go in, or enjoy in the car.  Play Latino music.  Finally, either buy or find a place that serves churros to end your themed date.


  • Vintage games.  Dig out the old games you haven’t played in years, or if you have none – head to a place like Marshalls – that sells retro games.  Plan a snack like graham crackers, strawberry cream cheese and fresh strawberries (tastes SO good!)  Let your competitive streak flow!

  • Breakfast and Puzzles.  Make breakfast together (even if it’s evening) – your faves.  Settle down in front of a jigsaw and complete it (get 100-piece).  Clean up together and snuggle in for a movie.

  • Color Together.  Get out the kids coloring books (or if you prefer, adult ones) and color using crayons or markers or pencils!  The evening attire must include cozy socks and comfy pants, and a pizza delivered at your door!

  • On the Floor.  If it’s cold where you live, have a fire going and spread out a blanket and a couple of large pillows.  Make milkshakes together and serve them in really cute tall glasses from the Dollar Store. 

  • Irish Dancing?  Yes!  Move the furniture back, search on YOU TUBE for tutorials and learn to Irish dance.  It’s SO FUN. Enjoy Irish nachos, they’re tasty and easy!

In and Out
by Marcy Lytle

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