This year I’m really trying to slow down.  I’m a person that doesn’t require a lot of sleep, my mind constantly ticks and clicks, and sitting and doing nothing is NOT something I enjoy – at all.  However, running at that pace does make me tired and cranky sometimes.  I was putting on my mascara this morning and realized that I actually do slow down for some things, because it just doesn’t work to hurry up the process.

For instance, you just cannot hurry when:

  • Putting on mascara

  • Threading a needle (does anyone do that anymore?)

  • Changing a dirty diaper

  • Getting across a parking lot in the rain

  • Driving in traffic that’s not moving


So just how do we slow down?  I don’t really have the answer to that question, but I have observed some of my friends that live a slower paced life and seem less stressed…and here’s what I’ve observed. 

I’m trying to learn from them this year, although it’s super hard.  However, when I do succeed in doing one of the following things, I breathe a little slower, sigh in relief, and smile a bit more…

A slower pace of life might look like:

  • Gardening for beauty and fun

  • Reading a good book that’s an escape, not a how-to or self-help

  • Walking the dog or with a friend, not to burn calories, but to observe the sky and the trees

  • Baking a loaf of bread, kneading, and waiting for that rise…

  • Taking a nap in the car with just the right amount of sun warmth on the window

  • Getting out of town without an agenda, with only the purpose to roam and discover

  • Writing a journal for fun, to empty our hearts and our minds and remind ourselves of the Good

  • Alone time or time with a friend, whichever is missing from our lives at the moment

  • Listening to music that soothes, without any lyrics

  • Creating something with colors or paints or wood


The song says you “can’t hurry love” and “love don’t come easy” and “you’ll just have to wait.” It’s an old song by The Supremes.  Loving others is also a way to slow down and enjoy life.  Yes, we’ve all been hurt and disappointed by loving and losing.  But we are created to be loved and to love, to work and to rest, and we need a good balance of it all…not just all work and no play.

This month, slow down with me.  Breathe, love, create, and notice the foliage as it struggles to try and determine the season, whether to bloom or to wait.  We were made to bloom, just like the trees in the dead of winter, as they wait for the consistent warm days to come out in full array.  And remember…there are no beautiful blooms without the cycle of rest being present in our lives of busyness. 

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by Marcy Lytle

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