When I was a kid, my mom started me an “add a pearl necklace” and she’d give me a new pearl on my birthday each year, and on other occasions with the hope that when I became a grown woman I’d have this full strand of pearls to wear, ones that had been collected over the years.  Unfortunately, that strand of pearls was taken in a burglary the first few years of my marriage, as intruders broke in and took everything I owned in the way of jewelry. Sad story, right?  It is, but the beauty is the love that my mom gave me when she started the necklace.  While I’m sad that the necklace is gone, I still remember her love and the purpose behind that love.

We recently decided to do something for our grandkids that parents can do for their kids, as well.  So if you’re reading and you’re a parent or a grandparent, this is a fun idea that you can start now, or any time, with the kiddos you love.

We purchased some really cute gift cards (blank ones inside, animals on the outside) and since we have three kiddos, we purchased a couple of boxes so we’d have plenty.  We decided that once a month we will write each kid a personal card and send it in the mail to “add a pearl” of wisdom to their little lives. 

Or maybe you prefer to call it “stacking stones,” like the people did in the Old Testament to remember God’s promises. Hopefully, the kids will keep each card and in a year they’ll have 12, and if we keep going, they’ll have an entire set when they’re grown!

Inside the cards we’re writing:

  • Memories of how God took care of their parents as they were growing up

  • Scriptures that will encourage them at night when they’re afraid to go to sleep

  • Encouragement in sports or learning when failures or losses occur

  • Promises of God’s love and faithfulness always

  • Stories that we make up, of kids and a lesson learned

  • Real life ways that God showed up for us

  • Prayers we’re praying for them

  • Character qualities of their heavenly father


Each one will only take us a few minutes to write, as we are writing in their language and making it a short story they’ll want to read. 

The hope is that they will look forward to their “pearl” or “stone” each month in the mail.  Maybe sometimes we will add a sticker or pin in the envelope, with the card!  We are only just beginning, and I don’t know if they will keep them all, take care of them, or even value what’s written inside, but I pray they will.

It’s little acts of kindness to our children and little pearls of wisdom and little stones of remembering that will serve as a big and wide foundation when they’re no longer little and small.



Add a Pearl
by Marcy Lytle

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