Twinning moment: Elizabeth and Abigail still find it fun to match. Especially when they can rep their favorite dude, dad! They went all out on this twinspiration with matching white canvas tennis shoes and maroon bomber jackets. T-shirt, jacket, and shoes from The Children's Place. Black leggings from Target.

Dressing up (above):  As you see Abigail takes dressing up seriously, full velvet, tulle and glitter. Accessories include a black glitter cardigan and pink glitter ballet flats from The Children's Place. Elizabeth has a more laid back look on glamour with a bohemian style dress scattered with a flower print and fringe tie front. She completes her look with white sandals. 

Abigail, the individual: Bow, earrings, bracelet, boots. Yellow floral print dress with flounce sleeves for that extra touch. With Abigail, it is all the individual pieces that make the outfit complete. She gravitates to dresses and feminine style and rocks it with confidence. 

Elizabeth, age 10, has always been drawn to athletic workout style clothes including unique sneakers or more eclectic fashion ideas. She loves to have leisure clothes as she is an avid runner. Her unique personality shines through, in her unique style. She has a huge heart for others and a willingness to serve anyhow and anywhere she can. 


Abigail, age 9, has always been a fashionista. Even before she could walk she would crawl to the closet and beg for shoes. Abigail loves to dress fancy and is always decked out with accessories from jewelry, to bags, and bows. She doesn't know a stranger and has a gift of bonding with others and making them feel included and special. 

These two sisters' parents are Joshua and Karissa O'Brien. Dad works at Lockheed Martin working with the assembly of F35 fighter jets, and Mom is a financial analyst with the University of North Texas Health Science Center. In their "free" time, both work as children's ministers at their local church. Sharing how to grow a relationship with the Lord to the next generation is a great passion of theirs. Abigail and Elizabeth also serve in ministry helping to set-up and tear down on weekdays and services and for special events. Willing to jump in wherever needed to make sure things run smoothly! In their FREE "free" time The O'Brien's love to do anything they can together as a family. Especially spending as much time as possible at Six Flags for family fun and thrills.


Leisure: This is how you'll find Abigail and Elizabeth on a typical Saturday. They spend all week at school in uniforms, so they love to be comfy and cozy while being bold and bright. Liz has always been drawn to blue while Abby has always been drawn to pink. They found "their" colors in tie-dye crop top sweaters and coordinating leggings. Staying true to themselves, Liz completes her look with tennis shoes while Abby embraces the glitter ballet flat. 

Elizabeth, the individual:  Jeans, with sparkle to make them special. Ombre colored shirt with cross back, in blue of course. Black combat boots to complete the look and make it her own. This is a girl who can conquer the world. Shirt and jeans from Justice. Boots from The Children's Place.

by Marcy Lytle

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