A pink graphic tee – What’s cuter this time of year than a pink tee that simply says “love?” And this tee from H&M is only $4.99!


It may not be made to last, but if you only wear a few times this season, it will be worth the five bucks!


Try pairing it with jeans and a black cardigan – beautiful!

Pink might be one of my least favorite colors, maybe because it used to be that girls were all dressed in pink and boys in blue.  That drove me crazy!  When my daughter was small, I traveled out of town to find her clothes that were NOT pink!  I seriously had a problem with labels. 

However, I do have a few pink items in my closet that I love, now.  I’ve outgrown my annoyance and embrace this pale hue, in moderation, as I add it with other colors. 

This month we’re suggesting pink purchases, and ways to pair them up with what you already have!

A pink throw – This fringed pink throw from Urban Outfitters is so comfy and cozy and pretty.  It would look absolutely divine thrown over a gray or navy sofa, or chair. 

Pink Sneakers – Just a different color on your feet sometimes is all the pop you need!


Pink sneakers from H&M for the win!  These can be paired with any of your favorite skinny jeans, and try a pretty gray sweater on top, or even a navy one. 


Navy and pink -  a great pair!

Pink clutch – I love this clutch with the ring handle from Nordstom! She’s wearing it with gray, but you could totally wear it with brown as well! That tortoise handle is the bomb…


Pink coat – This is the time of year to get coats on sale! 


This pink suede coat from Zara looks stunning with a crisp white tee underneath.  That makes it great for this time of year! 


This is soooo pretty!


Pink blouse – This flowy blouse from JCP is pretty for February.


There are lots of options for prints, but the way it’s made looks soft and comfy and yet dressy. 


It’s paired with jeans here, but a pair of white trousers would look stunning as well.


Pink cuff – I absolutely love cuff bracelets and have several, as I prefer wider bands.  However, I know that so many women adore Kendra Scott jewelry. 


There’s a pretty pink cuff bracelet that is feminine and pretty, available this season. 


How stunning it would look on your wrist, to dress up any outfit at all!


Maybe you’re a fan or not, of pink, but I hope you consider wearing something bright and colorful to bring you cheer this month! 


Try adding one little accessory, a fun coat (you’ll need it – on into spring), a new pair of shoes, or a bag! 


Smile, you are loved…


Pretty in Pink
by Marcy Lytle

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