Last month, we looked at Mary of Bethany.  This month, Jesus has traveled about 20 miles away to Nain, where he was teaching and performing many miracles.  This story is from the book of Luke, and it’s quite different from the account of Mary of Bethany, as she was a fairly well-to-do woman, cultured, and from a good family.  The woman in this story is not named, has no recorded relatives and no mention of an occupation – nothing really remarkable about her – except she was sinner.

In Luke 7:36-50 Jesus asks a man named Simon a question, something like this:

“Oh, Simon.  Do you see this woman?  If you could just love like this unnamed, sinful woman. You didn’t sacrifice your time or precious ointment to anoint my feet, and I’m in your house.  You didn’t think about me…but this sinful woman, whose sins are many, she washed my feet with her tears.”

Even though this woman’s sins were many, she loved according to the degree of her need for a Savior – and Jesus’ mercy was MORE than her sin.

The grace of Jesus, that he recognized this “nobody” woman – one that had done many wrongs – is important to note. 

I’m so thankful to God that:

Even when we don’t measure up,

Even when we’re disobedient,

Even when no one knows our name,

Even when all we can do is cry and pour out our heavy heart,

He still loves us.

He still defends us.

He still leads us.

He still keeps his hand in ours, and…

He still accepts our worship.

I am so thankful and humbled by this story and the story of Mary of Bethany.  One had plenty but was slow to recognize who Jesus was – but when she did – she gave her most treasured possession.  This unnamed woman had nothing to give – but recognized her need of a Savior – and offered her heart – her only treasured possession. 

Maybe this woman had blown a marriage opportunity, or perhaps she was unworthy of a good husband.  We aren’t told what her sin was.  But she offered her heart and her worship to the Worthy One, and He accepted and defended her.

Women can learn and serve at the feet of Jesus.  And just like this woman, we can all find acceptance, hope and salvation.  Jesus said that she “did what she could.”

We don’t have an alabaster box (at least I don’t!) or expensive ointment, but we can sit at His feet and touch His heart.  We can be prepared and obedient, love much (because we’ve all been forgiven much) and we can worship.

And Jesus is pleased when we do…


The Unnamed Woman
by Debbie Haynes

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