February dates out are always so tricky, because it can still be very cold.  And staying home for so many months now, we may be weary of thinking of things to do.  And besides all that, maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t even on our radar!  However, date night should always be on our radar…because it keeps us healthy and happy and in love.  Would you agree?  I think date night is way up on there on that important list of how to strengthen a marriage!

Here are some date night ideas for 2021 for you and him, or you and the kids, or you and a friend!

A Sweet Picnic – Grab the tablecloth, move the furniture, and spread out a picnic on the floor.  Add candles.  Fill your picnic basket with rotisserie chicken sandwiches (see In the Kitchen on the TIPS page) and pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries.  Use super cute plates and napkins (grab from Dollar Tree), and settle in for a sweet picnic in front of the TV or not…with a fun game to play or a sweet puzzle to put together.

Sweet Times in the Kitchen – Peruse the internet or your cookbooks and find three sweets to make.  Go shopping together for the ingredients and bake them.  Portion them out on a tray, along with some veggies and hummus (for balance, ha!) and play nice music while you enjoy your sweet treats.

Bar of Sweets – Set up a long bar on your table with five different types of plates all in a row.  You can include some chips and dips as well on another row!  Purchase readymade dip mixes for ease from Mad Dash Mixes!  Also, purchase favorite candy bars – five.  Place one on each plate, and snap a few pictures – after you’ve created light, texture, height and color on your table!  Then fill your plates and eat, while you watch a romantic comedy.

Sweet Photos – Think of at least 10 stops in your town where you can go out on an afternoon and pause for pictures.  Print them out, put in a photo album, and enjoy for years to come.  Then get fast food, and talk about your favorite sweet times together.

Just a Sweet Evening - Sweet nothings – whisper in each other’s ears.  Sweet notes – leave them around the house.  Sweet sounds – play your favorite tunes for each other.  Sweet blessings – share your favorite scriptures.  And finally, sweet kisses – be sure to end the night with these!  Or think of your own sweet “somethings” and add to this list!

Something  Sweet
by Marcy Lytle

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