A trail of sticky notes throughout the house doesn’t sound appealing.  Of course, not.  But little love notes tucked in odd places for your teens to find, although they won’t admit it, might make their day.  You know, those little sticky notepads that you can buy as simple as plain squares from the dollar store, or cutesy ones with sayings or jokes on them, online.  They’re great for leaving your spouse a note, or for jotting something down to remember, but what about for your teenagers in the house?

Here are a few ideas for sticky note messages for them, this month, just to share your love…even if they don’t want to receive it.  It will be a memory they look back on with a smile…I promise.  Do it for a full month, and drive them crazy…

  • “When I see your face I’m so amazed that God gave you to me” – tucked under his pillow.

  • “You can do all things through Christ – He strengthens you.” – in the backpack.

  • “Thank you for helping out the other night with the dishes.” – on his/her mirror.

  • “I love your smile.” – on her closet door.

  • “He knows the plans He has for you – a future and a hope – trust Him.” – on the steering wheel.

  • “There is no greater friend than Jesus.” – on the bedroom door.

  • “He will never leave you or forsake you…ever.” – on top of a book.

  • “I love you fiercely because you’re mine.” – in a shoe.

  • “The Lord is your Shepherd – there is no fear.” – on the headboard

  • “Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.” – on front door.


You get the idea.  Think of messages that will encourage, or even just draw a picture if you’re artistic like that.  Attach some bucks, if you want.  Offer a coupon or invite them to an outing.  Be creative.  Be sticky.  And love on those teens.

Be Sticky
by Marcy Lytle

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