At this time last year, I wrote about love. Some of it had to do with Valentine's Day and how fun a holiday I consider it to be. I shared that, even though I didn't have a special someone to share the holiday with, I enjoyed watching other people celebrate all of the fun aspects of love on February 14.


Well, here we are a year later, and I still don't have that special relationship. If you had told me a year ago that I wouldn't even have a significant other to share the holiday with AGAIN in 2021, I probably wouldn't have liked you very much. Who could have predicted 2020? A worldwide pandemic definitely isn't conducive to finding the love of your life. I've been laid off from my job since last March, and meeting and hanging around with new people hasn't been the safest thing to do. So, yet again, my life doesn't look the way I hoped it would by now.


The funny thing is, though: I'm okay with it.

Why? It’s because God has been so faithful to me through all of it. He has completely taken care of me financially, even at times when there didn't seem to be a way I could pay my rent. He found ways to introduce me to amazing people who helped me to better know Him and myself. 

Photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt

He came and sat with me right here in my apartment, through some of my darkest and loneliest moments. We have gotten so close this past year. And I believe He is teaching me the value of waiting on Him, for the very best that He has for me.


I wouldn't want to have what I want any sooner than what is best.


I am proud of the person I'm becoming! I used to think I wouldn't really be happy until I found a man who would be faithful and true. And I do look forward to life with him one day when he and I are both ready. But I've also come to truly appreciate how perfectly loved I already am by the most amazing Person in the universe. 


So, yes, I have the same Valentine this year that I had last year, only I know and appreciate Him and myself better now. He has taught me to be still and secure in His care and to be content without a romantic relationship. And, even if I'm still unattached next year on Valentine's Day, I will be living a full and enriching life because He is my faithful Love.

Faithful Love
by Pam Charro

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