What if this month, the whole family gathers round and enjoys a chocolate peppermint shake, while learning the value of “not being shaken?”  This entire lesson is from Psalm 15, a great chapter with visuals and lessons and the “how-tos” of staying calm in a shakable world.

Preparation:  You’ll need vanilla ice cream, a chocolate bar (dark chocolate peppermint bar from Trader Joe’s is awesome), milk, and chocolate sauce.  Oh, and a blender!

Let’s read Psalm 15 slowly and surely, as we prepare to make our shakes!

The writer asks a question about who can live next to the Lord and on his holy mountain, and then he gives the answers:

Verse 2 - The blameless and truthful – Do you like to be blamed for something you didn’t do, or even for something you did?  How does it feel?  What about when we get caught in a lie?  How does that feel?  We all make mistakes, but because of Jesus we can ask forgiveness, and then we are seen as perfect in his eyes.   – Break the chocolate bar into chunks.

Verse 3 – The ones that do no wrong and only talk well of their neighbor.  When’s the last time you talked bad about someone else, or heard someone talk badly of you?  It’s not nice, but it happens sometimes.  We can ask Jesus to give us clean hearts that love instead of hate.  – Ask one child to set up the blender for mixing.

Verse 4 – The ones that honor and fear the Lord and keeps their promises.  Isn’t it hard to keep promises?  We promise we’ll obey, but we mess up.  God gives us strength to obey him and obey our parents.  – Ask someone to open the chocolate sauce.


Verse 5 – The ones that lend to the poor and protect the innocent.  Giving and sharing and caring for others is pleasing to God.  And it starts with sharing and giving to each other in our family.  – Get out the spoons and the glasses.


The last verse says if we do all these things we will never be shaken.  Shaken means to be moved back and forth, often because of fear or trembling or in a jerky way so as to harm.  We’re about to make shakes with a blender.  We are going to insert the ingredients and then push a button and watch them blend together.  That’s a good kind of shaking. It will result in a tasty shake.  But look at the blades in the bottom of the blender.  They will cut and chop and mix and shake.


We don’t want to be shaken like that.  But if we talk bad about others, cheat, disobey, don’t share what we have and tell lies, we may end up shaken and hurt.  Doing wrong when we know to do right is hurtful to us, and to others. But thankfully, Jesus forgives and invites us to live right next to him, so that he can lead us and guide us so that…we will never be shaken!


Let’s enjoy these shakes! 


Put ice cream in the blender, along with a little milk, the broken bars, and the chocolate sauce – and blend.  Pour into glasses and offer spoons or straws, as you give thanks to the Lord for his unshakeable love that keeps us and lead us into life everlasting!

by Marcy Lytle

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