My sister told me this story about a kind neighbor to my nephew, who lives in California.  He and his wife have three little girls, pictured to the left.  The neighbor, Lynn Fisher, and her daughter, wrote the letter below and left an amazing gift on the porch for the girls to find this past Christmas.  I just heard about it and wanted to share it here, for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles...anyone connected to kiddos.

It's an amazing act of love using something this family already had, to bless another family, repurpose something special, and bring smiles to three littles girls.  You can bet they'll never forget this story and the gifts they hold in their hands.  

Hopefully, this act of "passing it on" will inspire you to look at what you've got stored away and see if you can find a place to share with a neighbor's kids, as well!

Enjoy the letter.  It was written and delivered at the end of 2020, along with the three little pigs as they found their way to a new home to be loved, played with and filled...until the girls that play with them are grown.  

And then?  Who knows where the Christmas Piggy Banks will travel next...

Once upon a time, a little girl grew up in a wonderful neighborhood where she had many friends and a family that loved her very much.  She was also loved by many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Growing up, she was lucky to celebrate her birthdays and holidays with her large family which were always a lot of fun.  They had many dinners and went on many vacations together.  

Life was good!

During the years, she was given several adorable piggy banks that she kept on a shelf in her bedroom.  The first one she received came from an aunt as a Christmas present.  The pink shiny piggy bank was so cute and she could not believe how lucky she was to have been given such a wonderful gift.  A couple of years later, she got another piggy bank for Christmas.  This one was white with pink polka dots!  Now she had two.  The polka dotted pig joined the shiny pink pig on her shelf.  The piggy banks became sisters.  

Time passed as the two piggy banks watched the little girl go from kindergarten to third grade.  The little girl loved to sing, dance and giggle a lot.  They had so much fun giggling and laughing with her.  Much to the pigs’ surprise the little girl received another piggy bank.  This one was white with pink polka dots.  Now she had three piggy banks.  It took a little rearranging of the things on her shelf, but she managed to make room for the new piggy bank right next to the other two.  The three piggy banks looked so happy together and the little girl imagined they were three sisters who would become best friends. 

Every night when the little girl went to bed, she looked at the three piggy banks and smiled.  They made her feel loved and safe because she knew they came from people who loved her very much and would always take care of her.  She would go to sleep each night happy knowing the pigs were watching over her.

Many years passed and the little girl grew up and was going away for college.  For the first couple of years, the piggy banks remained on the shelf in the little girl’s room and were so excited to see her when she came home from college.  The now big girl would smile when she saw the pigs on her shelf.  

After college, the big girl moved far away to a big city where she didn’t have much space for many of the wonderful things she had left at her parent’s home.  At this time, her parents wanted her to clean out her old room to get rid of the things she no longer needed or cared about.  The piggy banks knew something was awry when her parents put big boxes and trash cans in the room before the girl’s next visit home.  They were worried!  What was going to happen to them?  They loved the girl so much and were afraid of what was going to happen to them.  

This girl and her mom discussed at length what was best for the piggy banks.  They held so many wonderful memories of the girl’s life and had watched her grow up.  The mom and the girl wanted to make sure the pigs stayed together and hoped they could find a new home for them where they would be as loved as they had been in their home.


But, where could they find such a place?  If they donated them, the pigs might be separated!  The piggy banks had been so fortunate to have lived in such a magical place (remember the little girl loved to sing, dance and giggle all the time) where they were loved and they wanted to find another magical place for them to love a new family.

It was a few days before Christmas, and the little girl, now a big girl, and her mom realized they had found the perfect home for the three piggy banks.  So, the piggy banks got baths, were shined up and got new ribbons.  The piggy banks were so excited! They couldn’t wait to meet their new family.  Oh, what fun it was going to be to start a new life with new little girls.  Little girls like to laugh, dance, sing, tell stories and giggle. 

The big girl was a little sad to have to say goodbye to her piggy banks who were now best friends as well as sisters.  But she knew they were going to have a good home where they would be loved.  The big girl didn’t have as much time to spend with the three piggy banks anymore and knew they would be happier in a new home.  She told the pigs to love the new little girls as much as they had loved her.


And she knew they would because they were the best three piggy banks that ever were.

Merry Christmas Hayden, Zoe and Logan,

Lynn and Lauren Fisher



The Christmas Piggy Banks
by Marcy Lytle (permission of Lynn and Lauren Fisher)

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