It’s February, and that means chocolate.  Whether he hands you a heart shaped box or not (I don’t prefer one, at all), you do deserve a bit of indulgence this month of your favorite chocolate treat!  That’s why we asked our panel of women to share theirs, so that we can all try something new! 

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I spent the first five years of my life in England, with my extended family. I was able to go back to England many times after this. Chocolate to me is Cadbury chocolate!  Not the Hershey version of Cadbury, but the Cadbury that was started in 1920 in Birmingham, England. It is a milk chocolate dream....just the right balance of cream and cocoa. One of my favorites is the Flake bar.  It lives up to the name...flaky and a bit messy. The goal is to eat every flake and not have it wasted.

My granddad and family took me to Brighton beach and it was there I had my first "99.” A soft vanilla ice cream cone with a chilled half-flake bar stuck in it. Walking on the magical pier eating this lovely confection was a child's dream. A wonderful memory of being with my grandparents in a country I will always call home. You can buy Flake bars on Amazon.

If you want to make a "99", you can chill the chocolate, break the bars in half and then find the best soft-served cone you can.


There is nothing better than a chocolate covered cherry! These have always been my favorite. When my husband and I married I told him our first Christmas together all I wanted was a box of chocolate covered cherries. 35 Christmases later and I still get a box. He gets highly creative wrapping it. He forgot once, but then never forgot again. I was not too happy that year. And occasionally, I even get a box on Valentine’s Day. They say, chocolate is a girl’s best friend…or is that diamonds?  You can see that these cherries didn’t last too long!

If you haven’t been to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and tried their chocolate cake, then you’re really missing out. It’s a tradition in my household that we go there to indulge in their chocolaty goodness for every birthday. I’m not sure if their cake would be considered famous but we like to think of it as our own little hidden gem.


We recently purchased chocolate sauce from Caramel Kitchen at a holiday market (as well as their salted caramel sauce.)  And a friend recently gave me a peppermint dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s.  I used both of those with vanilla bean ice cream in a blender, and oh my -  that shake was delicious!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE.  Ghirardelli squares (especially the ones filled with caramel) and Lindt truffles are at the top of my list.  I prefer dark chocolate, but also love milk chocolate.  And, it’s very hard for me to resist a handful of plain ole M&M’s.  If you give me a Whitman Sampler, I always hope to get the one filled with orange cream.

When I was a young girl, 10 years old or so, I came across “The Chocolate Song” by the Smothers Brothers.  I listened to it over and over and laughed hysterically.  I hope you enjoy it as well.


My favorite chocolate in a box of chocolates is the caramel.  And I didn’t know until I was way into adulthood that the squares are always the caramels!


I grew up loving milk chocolate; I was the one how would take a bite out of each chocolate in the box.  As I grew older, I found myself thinking milk chocolate was too sweet and sometimes gritty. I learned the benefits of dark chocolate and tried it. It seems creamier and richer in taste. Now I am hooked on dark chocolate. My go-to dark chocolate treats are chocolate-covered strawberries. We make ours with Godiva dark chocolate.


Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffle - I keep these in the refrigerator. They remind me of a dipped cone with the crunchy chocolate on the outside and creamy inside. When you break the delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt.

For a real all-out-there treat, the high protein hemp brownie from Bella Green is awesome. This dark, dense brownie is crunchy on the outside and fudgy on the inside, with a chocolate glaze and berry sauce drizzled over the top. Served with vanilla bean ice-cream. This is one you want to eat slowly and savor every bite…for sure.


Hands down, it’s dark chocolate all the way.  I do put the cocoa limit around 65%.  Go any high and you lose the velvety mouth feel that makes chocolate so irresistible.  And by far my favorite chocolate product is Miles of Chocolate.  Here’s what the website says, “Made with simple and fresh ingredients, Miles of Chocolate’s baked dessert is the excellent after meal treat or cheat day snack. Our baked chocolate dessert is best described as a cross between a brownie and a truffle. With a decadent truffle-like center surrounded by a crisp, brownie casing, each bite is like a perfect harmony of flavors and textures bursting with flavor.”  AND it’s made in Austin.  Click to visit their site.

by Marcy Lytle

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