In January, I started a new series of topics we women all deal with.  Last month, it was weight.  And this month it’s the feeling that we want to escape.

I’ve felt it.

You’ve felt it.

We’ve all felt it, or said it, or thought it, or wished it.

We’d like to, on a particularly hard or disappointing day, escape to another planet for good, because this one is full of crazy people that are driving us nuts.  But we aren’t able to, because there’s no Mother Ship awaiting our presence for departure. Right?

Escapism is not a good solution in many areas.

Facebook – There will always be those that post controversial comments, those who annoy the heck out of us with their slander, and those that we ourselves annoy.  However, Facebook  and other social media  sites are intended for us to connect. And as long as we stay the course and continue to post the “light” – like family, nature, food, and fun – we will enjoy our connections.  Just skip over the bad, and enjoy the good.  But don’t escape…

School – There are lots of reasons that parents homeschool, many of them being such good and right reasons.  Convictions, needs of specific children, bad neighborhood schools, and all sorts of things make homeschool a great and a best option.  But not sending our kids just so they can escape “the world” isn’t a good one.  Our kids need to be around other kids that look different, act different, and come from different backgrounds.  It helps them love others.

Church – I’m not talking about a building, but rather a community.  Escaping by leaving a congregation or fellowship of believers because someone irritated us is not helpful or healing.  In fact, going to church (virtually or in a small home group or wherever we can still gather) is good for us, ESPECIALLY if others annoy us.  Getting annoyed and dealing with those annoyances through love is one of the best ways to mature, as a Christian!  (Jesus offered bread to Judas, his betrayer!)

Relationships – Again, there are good and healthy reasons to exit relationships in the case of abuse and neglect and unfaithfulness.  However, to escape from relationships altogether because loving others is too hard is so sad!  I’ve done it!  And isolation, holding out an arm to keep others away, only hurts ourselves.  Love hurts, like the song says.  But love covers a multitude of sin, like the Good Book says.  And we cannot continue in relationships and love without his help, his Spirit and his leading.  Just follow Him.

Healthy habits – I get it.  Eating is comforting, sitting around is easy, and being lazy feels so good when the world is spinning so fast.  If you’re a lover of exercise, then you probably don’t have an issue with this.  But for others, exercise is seen as a chore.  So when life is hard, scary and crazy, it’s easy to succumb to giving up on good habits.  We want to escape in a good book or movie, all day, chips in hand, while we feel sick afterwards.  Engage in activity, mental and physical, instead of escaping.

There are lots of ways we escape, and it’s probably a good thing to escape for a while…to rest and heal.  However, living a life of escapism every time we run into obstacles or people that don’t think like we do is no way to live, no way to enjoy life, and no way to grow.

The only time escaping is the best choice for good, is escaping from a life full of darkness and sorrow, and He’s offered that escape to us by just following his lead to green pastures, still waters, and a full table with empty seats for the taking…and enjoying.

by Marcy Lytle

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