We are into the second month after the holidays, and we thought it would be fun to ask our three moms about putting away all the toys and stuff from Christmas.  How they do it, do they do it, and how did it go?  After all, it’s fun to hear what other moms do, and especially to note that they’re all different!  And that’s a good thing! Every mom has different ways of keeping her kids “together” or not…and it’s okay!  So hopefully, you can get an idea or two, or share your own after you read!

Mom of four:

Life is very busy right now, so there is definitely tension to organize and clean –but so little time! I write down one goal a day.  Yesterday I gave the kids a bag and asked them to fill it with things they don’t play with to give away.  They put in one stuffed animal!

Slowly, we are getting back in order.  WE are not in any rush.  Just a little a day – one box, one room.  We also fill out our calendar goals – like “take down Christmas” or “clean up the yard” (we actually asked for help with that – and the kids will help!).  “Haircuts” are on the schedule.  Yesterday was to purge, but at least the kids tried!

The main thing is that we write down things that need to be done, and slowly schedule them. Pressure to do it all in one day is not good.  Over several weeks is fine!  Weekends are sometimes the only days to organize!  And get the kids to participate, even if they don’t make “progress.” And have lots of grace – that you’re making progress – and that’s all that matters.

Mom of two:

Probably the top three things I do to organize are:

  • One in, one out – If the girls get a new toy, they need to give away something as well.  This helps minimize clutter after all the holidays!  Especially things that are similar to something they already have, we try to explain how blessed it is to receive and have.  But there are lots of kids that could be blessed by their gift!

  • Declutter before birthdays and Christmas:  If we haven’t seen them playing with it for a long time, it goes in a pile to give away.

  • I love baskets.  All different sizes, shapes and colors are great! We have a bookcase in the girls’ playroom and we have labeled baskets and a couple of chests for dress-up clothes with fun stickers.  This way they have categorized toys, so they can choose easily.  And they know where to put them after playing!


Mom of three:

Even though it’s tempting to be lazy during the holidays, it was so nice to put things away before school started back up.  Nothing left in bags or hallways or the garage!  I actually had a day planned on the calendar for organizing!

  • Before Christmas (or a holiday) have the kids clean their rooms.  Take a day to do it.

  • Give them a bag or box, one for broken or trash.  One bag is for giving away.  And one is a sale box – like a Barbie dream house we were able to sell on Facebook Marketplace!  This was helpful for replenishing our own funds!

  • Whatever storage system is in the kids’ rooms, make sure there are a few empty, before going into holidays or birthdays. That way there’s a place for new toys. The boys have hot wheels and tracks, so we invested in two big bins for them that stack in his closet.  All the tracks go in there!

  • Know your kids. This is the most important! I love things labeled and behind closed doors, where it’s easy to open and read and put things away.  But…my kids are not necessarily like me.  Cute photos or labels weren’t read or paid attention to!  Then I ended up putting away toys for them.  Making it easy for them individually helps.  My oldest likes to play and put away, so bins are great.  And he has shelves for display of his Lego creations.  My daughter has dolls and a millions accessories.  I want to put in boxes and label, but she does better with a cubby system and three or four wheeled bins under the bed.  She rolls out and rolls under.  And she needs floor space for doll houses to spread out.  The littlest, Augie, just likes a giant bin for throwing it all in.  And he loves figures.  He has a big toy box, and everything is in it, except books – which are on shelves.




My kids can now clean their own room, because it’s organized for them, and it makes me happy.

Side note: If there are big bins under the bed, there’s less space to throw junk under there!

Organized...or Not
by Amber, Charissa and Kamrin

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