By now, you’re either still staring at all the stuff from the holidays, or it’s all in its place and put away.  Or maybe a little of both.  Maybe you’re super organized and have everything labeled in boxes and stacked on shelves in straight rows.  Or maybe you’ve stuffed everything in sacks and will pull it out, say in July, to see if you have the energy and mojo to deal with the clutter then.

I recently watched an Instastory of a mom of three that “seems” to have it all together.  Her kids make their beds every morning, her house is cleaned only twice a week and when she shows pictures, it looks pretty darn put together.  But then on one slide, she admitted to messes that happen.  After all, Instatories are not real life.  They’re staged photos.

So…with just a few pictures of some new ideas, here are some simple and not fancy ideas of how to organize just the kitchen.  These are just fun and inexpensive ways to store things or display things or set things in order…at least on the days when you feel like doing so!  And if you don’t…there’s always July.

These things are mostly from Lakeside Collection.

For your plates:  If you’re tired of your plates stacking, you can try these organizers for turning the plates on their sides.  My dinner plates didn’t fit in my tiny cabinet, but maybe yours will!

For your lids and storage containers:  I’ve loved the rolling bins for cabinets underneath, as they store lids, storage containers and more odds and ends.  And they roll out SO easily, so they can be moved from cabinet to cabinet, depending on your need.

For your spices:  I’ve had these a while and they’ve been the most effective at keeping my spices recognizable and grouped by kind.  Salts, Mexican, Italian…you get the picture.

For your baking stuff:  Do you still have canisters taking up space on your counter tops?  I suppose these would be okay there, too, but they fit nicely in my pantry!  I do need to restock flour and sugar, for sure!

For your cutting boards:  Perhaps you have a built-in for these, but I didn’t.  So on their side, in this metal frame, they go.  And I’m happy.

For your snacks:  I have lots of these little containers, mostly for picnics and the movies.  I can carry in nuts and dark chocolate to the theater.  Or I can tote sauces and dips for picnics.  I need lots of these!

For your eggs: I just thought this was too genius to pass up – an egg pullout tray for the fridge.  I LOVE IT!  Doesn’t it look so nice?

So there you go…not fancy…not expensive…but just fun treats for me after the holidays were over, to help corral and reorganize and make the kitchen smile.

A  Place for Everything
by Marcy Lytle

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