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Valentine’s Day is here and kids either notice, or they don’t.  They wish they had a boyfriend/girlfriend, or they don’t.  They listen to love songs and pine for their one true love…or they don’t.  But probably, you have a teen that does listen to love songs and the lyrics probably don’t present true love AT ALL.  Maybe they only talk of physical love, or revenge love, or love that comes and goes.

So…what if you put together – with your teens – a love song playlist of all sorts of good tunes and lyrics that speak of His love, pure love, and the kind of love that makes the heart sing?  Play the songs in the house, in the background at dinner, and even grab that teen (to their dismay, perhaps) and swing them around for a few laps in the living area of your house, when no one is looking!

Here is a playlist of 8 songs for your consideration:

"I’m Gonna Be" (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers – Great lyrics and melody, about faithful love!

"Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke – fun for students because it talks about the subjects in school – a great oldie but goodie.

"I Say a Little Prayer" – Aretha Franklin – Old song but if you talk about the lyrics with your teens you can tell them that prayer really is the best thing you can do for anyone you like that even doesn’t like you. He listens.

"Brother" – Need to Breathe – what a great love song for friend to friend!

"Only Hope" – Switchfoot – belong only to HIM – the best kind of love.

"Hold Me" – Jamie Grace – great lyrics from the writer to the Writer of our lives – good for the kids!

"I Believe in Love" – Barlow Girl – strengthens belief in the one true love – from God our father.

"Love Has a Name" – Jesus Culture – the best name – Jesus.

If your kids have their own loves songs they enjoy, listen to them with the kids.  Talk about the lyrics and discuss why they mean so much.  In fact, have a family music night where each one shares a love song and why they love it.  End the night in praying for the love of Jesus to fill aching hearts, to spread to others, and to satisfy like no love on earth can.

Love Songs Playlist
by Marcy Lytle
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