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We recently served some candies in a tall skinny plastic glass set I got in the Dollar Spot at Target.  I thought how fun to serve up food in different ways that make the kids squeal with delight, and might even make you squeal, too.  After all, serving up dinner can become boring, but if it’s plated in different ways, the whole family might even eat the bites they normally refuse!

  • Tall skinny glasses – for piling candies but it keeps proportion in check.

  • Popcorn bags – at the dollar store, to set out on the table for movie night, so cute and fun

  • Paper cups – for fruit.  Have a bowl of cut up fruit, and let them fill their cups and eat with toothpicks.

  • Individual boards – You can get a set of these, and placing cheese and crackers on them is so fun!

  • Paper plates with matching napkins – stock up at the dollar store and let the kids set the table!

  • French fry cups – order from Amazon and fill with charcuterie, fruit, or fries!  These are a blast!

  • Skewers with a twist – Just slide on a cube of cheese, folded turkey, and an olive or pickle!  World Market has these.

  • Chips in a bucket – Dollar store has aluminum plant buckets, but they’re great for chips of all kinds!

  • Paper-lined baskets – you know the old-fashioned kind – great for sandwiches or hot dogs.  Also at World Market.

  • Condiment cups – portion out dips or mustard or ketchup, and add to their plates

  • Plastic shake cups – These are SO FUN to fill with homemade shakes from a blender! And a straw!

  • Pretty platters – great idea for sliced apples drizzled with caramel sauce, chocolates chips and nuts!


Those are just a dozen ideas and it’s so fun to have a designated shelf or cabinet for fun presentations for you and the kids.  Dinner can be on the floor on a blanket, around the table, or even in the car if you want!  Let the kids help fill the popcorn bags, or pick out the plates and napkins, etc.  Make the kiddos a part of the preparation, make it pretty and fun, and make dinner personal. 

Serve It Up Fun
by Marcy Lytle 
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