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I love a vintage eye look. It’s flattering and glamourous. I sported the cat-eye eyeliner look for years, until time dragged down too much skin at the corner of my eyes, so a cute little flip of eyeliner at the outer corners became undoable. I had to find something new.

I started collecting vintage and vintage reproduction Barbie dolls a while back. I love the sassy side-eye looks some of the dolls have. And their makeup! Beautiful retro eye looks.

I studied the eyeliner on the Barbies. Then, I tried to reproduce the thin-to-thick line on myself. I’m still trying to perfect the look, but I’m liking how it looks. And it’s so easy to do.

Tip about the tip

There are pencil eyeliners, liquid liners, and felt-tip brush-like liners. The latter is my favorite.

I have several favorite brands. What I’m using depends on what I have on hand. What I shop for:

Roller Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner from benefit ($$) This liner has a long smooth ultra-fine tip, that is like a felt-tip marker. It goes on so smoothly and stays put all day. I stock up whenever I see it on sale.


A more budget-friendly liner I use occasionally is the Epic Ink Vegan Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from NYX ($). This liner goes smoothly and lasts, but it doesn’t have the clean crisp lines the benefit liner has.


Vintage Barbie Eye Technique:

The key to a smooth line is a steady stroke that does not stop. I start in the inner corner of my eye, sweeping a thin straight line at the base of my lashes, moving toward the center of my eye. As I approach my pupil, I start to angle the line upward, toward the crease at the outer edge of my eye. Then I carefully fill in the area between the line I just drew and the base of my lashes. This method takes some patience and practice, but it looks fetchingly retro, especially with light eyeshadow tones (NOTE: put on your eye shadow first before your eyeliner).

The beauty of blessings to you!

Angela Dolbear, Beauty Editor, is the author of contemporary spiritual novels, such as THE GARDEN KEY Series, and THE TORMENTOR’S TALE, as well as many short stories, which are available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats on Amazon. And she loves writing and recording songs with her husband, Tim --listen on Sound Cloud. She is also a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and has been since long before her mother allowed her to start wearing makeup at the age of 14. She keeps UPS and the USPS busy delivering small boxes on a regular basis from Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, and many independent cosmetics companies to her home Nashville, TN. Please connect with her at

Read Between the Eyeliners
by Angela Dolbear
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