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I may have touched on this subject before, but extreme temperature changes in a trailer are not the most fun!


This winter we had an early freeze and were not quite prepared. We thought we were, but our trailer said otherwise. We knew the cold temps were coming so we covered pipes (which our dog ripped off right away and we had to go buy more quickly), dripped the water, put a heat lamp in the well house…it all seemed good enough to us!


However, after a holiday visit with family, we came back to no water! The pipes had frozen up! We had “extra” water prepared in our holding tank to the trailer, but apparently water had frozen in the pipes under the trailer and wouldn’t allow but only a drop of freezing water to come out for a bit.

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This meant no showers, no water to brush teeth, and no cooking because there was no way to clean up! And the list goes on and on of why need we need water, especially hot water!


We were out of water for three days, and luckily we were elsewhere a lot for the holidays. Family helped us out so much! And we could use bottled water to brush our teeth. We did have to use the bottles as well to fill water in the toilet, so we survived for a bit!


This was not my favorite thing to deal with, but things could have been much worse! During last year’s freeze we were out of town and came home to a leaky pipe from our toilet bursting so we had to replace that!


I’m praying that we don’t go through this again, but I think we learn as we go and we have some more preparations put into place. One would think almost seven years into tiny living we would have seen it all, but the trailer just keeps on giving us new surprises!


Remember love grows best in tiny spaces…


Undergoing Freezing Temps
by Leyanne Enterline
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