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Why Not Dance?
by Marcy Lytle
MARRIAGE - feb 2024 - after 40.jpg

Neither of us were raised in a family where we danced, neither did we see our parents ever dance; and so therefore, Jon and I don’t know how to dance…properly! 


However, we have come to love an impromptu dance or two, or a planned dance in the living room, and even stepping out at a wedding…being perhaps the worst dancers on the floor!

MARRIAGE - feb 2024 - after 402.jpg

Sometimes, we dance in our bedroom (or even the bathroom) first thing in the morning…just for a few minutes.  Somehow, that closeness and the hugs and the movement set our busy minds and hearts in the right mood.  Because sometimes, one of us wakes up with a full mind of a long to-do list and can start right in on busyness (I’ll let you guess which one of us does this.)

Other times, we play music in the evening and get up and dance in the living room…slow dancing closely.  We do know one particular step fairly well (not sure where we learned it) but it’s like a waltz.  So we pick music that has a 1-2-3 beat and we waltz.  We listen to the lyrics of the songs, or not.  Sometimes it’s just an instrumental piece.  And often, it’s just something on YouTube we’ve got playing on the TV in the background.  Yes, we’re tired, but dancing slowly before we go to bed is invigorating and relaxing – all at the same time.

We have been known to watch dance lessons on the TV and practice them so that we can then learn something like the Fox Trot (is that even a thing anymore?) And other times, we choose hip hop or something fast and catchy – where we aren’t dancing together – but we’re moving and grooving – and getting exercise in!  I like this particular one, because sometimes I’d rather dance than work out or walk…if there’s inclement weather outside.

February is a good month to take his hand and dance.  Maybe he won’t ever choose to take yours.  Or perhaps he’s the one that initiates the music and the moves. It’s so easy to lose this part of ourselves as couples, as we age.  But there’s a couple I observe on Instagram, and he’s in his 80’s and she her 70’s and their dance is something to admire. 

If you learned to dance as a kid, as an individual or at school dances, or wherever, I bet you enjoyed it.  Maybe he did, or he didn’t.  But how can holding each other close any time of the day be a bad thing?  It seems to melt away hurts and hurriedness, and heals even creaky knees and sore backs.  It doesn’t have to dipping and jumping (although go for it if you can!).  It can be any kind of music at all…and it’s so intimate and special and lovely.

Last night, we put on worship music and danced with Him. 

Dance this month.  Dance often.  Dance again next month.  And keep the dancing alive.  Let your children see it, and your grandchildren join in.  And find a reason to dance with him…because our feet were made for dancing.  Weren’t they?


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