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Take it or leave it…in regards to His word?  Let’s think again about ever leaving it.

In the book of Jeremiah, God calls and commissions this guy to convince Israel to turn to God, because they kept turning away and were about to face harsh judgment.  We read the term “backsliding” 13 times throughout this story.  And the constant theme was that there would be judgment without mercy, if the Lord continued to be defied.  But their destiny could be changed if they turned toward God instead of away.  What a heavy, disheartening message but one of hope!

Eventually, Jeremiah challenged the people’s unholy alliances with fake gods and idol worship.  It may be why Jeremiah has been called the “weeping prophet.”  He had a heavy assignment.  However, God had equipped Jeremiah, stating in chapter 1 that before he was born, he was consecrated.  God touched him and said he put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth.  And it wasn’t Jeremiah’s personal resume that caused God to choose him for the job.  It was God’s touch and his words that qualified Jeremiah to speak.

Once God gives his word, it further says he watches over it and performs it.

This is so encouraging!

God takes his own words so seriously that he, himself, doesn’t trust these words to another…but he stands and to make sure they are fulfilled.  It isn’t even our job to fulfill them, but solely his.  He watches over his words to perform them!

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We get discouraged waiting, sometimes.  Other times, God swiftly performs his words.  But no matter how long the wait, or how dire our circumstances, we know this:

God is committed to seeing his word performed.

God still gives us his word today.  Words of encouragement, admonishment, assurance…that he is in control, he sees all, and he will perform his words.  His call to all of us is to look to him, not to another, and to love him above all else.  He will never leave us or forsake us; he’s always walking with us.  He is in charge, he sees the evil in this world, and he will take care of it.

In John 6, we read that the words Jesus speaks are spirit and life.  And Peter told Jesus there was nowhere else to go…because only Jesus had the words of eternal life.

We must hang on to every word He speaks, for his words are life!  And all words that are spoken to us must be in alignment with The Word.

Back to Jeremiah.  He cried, he complained, he bellyached for all the hardships…and the Lord spoke to him to remind him. He guards his words, he is perfection, and he has equipped us for the job of living here in this life to help spread the word so others can hear and believe, as well.

Lord, thank you for watching over your word to perform it,

and that you own that job and we don’t. 

Enable us to be still to listen and hear well, so that we don’t miss a single word. 

Thank you for loving us so much to share your words that we can consume and live by. 

Keep our ears close to your heart.



The Great Performance
by Debbie Haynes
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