We recently got a new car, a Kia.  I’d never really noticed a Kia on the road anywhere before, because we drove an Edge.  But now that we have this new Kia Sportage, we spot them everywhere!  Isn’t it funny how that happens?  I remember when I became engaged to be married while in college, all of a sudden I saw other girls in all of my classes with engagement rings!  Unless we’re experiencing a particular thing, our eyes aren’t really focused on seeing it anywhere else!

I was thinking about this the other day and realized that we do the same thing with attitudes.  If we are currently in a bad mood, we tend to see and view and are drawn to others with the same sour disposition.  In other words, bad company likes bad company.  If someone will listen to our moaning and complaining, we’re attached at the hip and suddenly best friends.  We catch the sour smell from those nearby and want to settle ourselves in beside them, so that our own sour smell isn’t so potent. 

Wow, this really spoke to me!

I then realized that it can be the same for a sunny disposition.  If we are in a good mood, we tend to seek out those that are up with us!  If we’re enjoying life, we want to be surrounded by those with happy-go-lucky attitudes just like we have!  We want friends to join in on our fun, show up to hang out, and revel in so much fun we can’t stand it.  No naysayers here!  Those ones with sour dispositions can stay home!

What does this have to do with a new Kia, or a pretty shiny engagement ring?

Our perspective shifts, depending on what we’re wearing or that in which we’re riding.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is when we can’t see that good thing unless we have it.  In other words, until I became engaged I didn’t really look at the hands of other girls to see if a ring was sitting there on that third finger.  Who cared? I wasn’t engaged.  And before we bought a Kia, I didn’t really spot other cars like it, because I was driving an Edge.  Who cared if she had a Kia over there?  I had a different car.

When we’re happy and life is good, we tend to forget those in severe need, because it’s just a downer to listen to their woes, when we’re planning our next vacation.  Who cares if she’s stuck in a lifeless marriage when ours is great? Or perhaps we’re the one in deep need because we’ve been sick for weeks, and we can’t see out to rejoice with that friend over there that just got a new job.  We’re too focused on our own sniffly nose!

I learn and listen and look from practical day to day experiences, and I realize that I need to observe others more.  Not just observe those that are like me, or those that are sitting behind the same wheel as I am or wearing the same ring I’m wearing, but those that are not like me at all.  I need to look over at that driver in the Edge or the Telluride (a nice new Kia that I really wanted!) and lend a smile and a thumbs-up as she drives by.  When I’m feeling a bit down, I know that if I look up and rejoice with my friend that’s up, it will do my soul a world of good to pull me out of the pit.  Who wants to wallow with pigs in the mud when she can sit in a pool and splash?

I’m sure before long I’ll barely notice what kind of car others are driving because my Kia will be old news.  But I’m going to work at being more aware of those around me, whatever they’re driving and whatever they’re wearing, and take note, compliment, and smile.

What are you driving today?  And what is she driving, next to you? 


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by Marcy Lytle

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