I had lunch with a four-year old today and I suggested that after we got our food from the drive-thru, that we sit in a shady spot and “people watch,” one of my favorite things to do.  His reply was, “I don’t want to do that. It sounds boring.”  We got our food and I parked in just a random shady spot, which happened to be facing a grassy area near a toll road.  He scooted up to the front seat where I told him he could sit, and his first comment was, “There are no humans to watch.” Go figure.  We sat and looked at shapes in the clouds instead of the shapes of humans…

That little experience reminded me something that I think of quite often when I people watch.  We’re all SO DIFFERENT. In one sitting of observing people I see all sorts of notable things…

  • Young girls have no qualms about wearing shirts and shorts that are two sizes too small.

  • Lots of people dress for comfort not style; in fact, most people do!

  • There’s a guy that can barely walk under the door frame, he’s so tall.

  • There’s a lady over there that can barely shut the back of her car, she’s so small.

  • Her hair is all shades of pink, and her hair is in a bun, and her hair is long and wavy

  • His pants are skinny jeans, his pants are relaxed fit, and his pants are below the hip.

  • Her skin is white-white, his skin is dark-dark, and they’re walking together holding hands.

  • That man over there can barely walk as he shuffles into the store and grabs a cart.

  • That lady right there can barely walk because her heels are too high!

  • She gets out of her car with three kids in tow, one of them a teen, rolling his eyes.

  • He exits his car with his earbuds on, oblivious to anyone around him.

  • That family looks like they rolled out of bed, literally, in every way.

  • That couple looks like they’re dressed for success, in every way.

  • He’s missing a leg and his ride is a wheelchair, and I wonder about his story.

  • She’s holding the hand of a special needs child, and she looks so very tired.

I could probably write for hours about the differences in all of the people I watch come and go from one sitting in a car eating my lunch, waiting on my husband while he gets a haircut, or just resting on a bench on a trail.  We’re all so different.  So beautifully and wonderfully different, in the way we look, the way we dress, and in the lifestyle we have chosen to live or have been handed to survive.

I hope I never forget to pause and look at the beauty of people.  I hope that I catch the eye of one of those stressed out moms and give her a smile, or hold the door open so she doesn’t have to let go of the hand she’s holding.  I want to never think judgmental thoughts of disdain because that person isn’t dressed a certain way or acting like a good human should.  And I want to always give thanks for each and every person that breathes like I do, sees through two eyes, or wait…there goes a guy with a walking stick that can’t see through either eye!

I often get caught up in the outward instead of the inward, never knowing the why’s of how people look or dress or end up as they are on any given day, coming and going as they run their errands.  I don’t know if they’ve just received a devastating diagnosis or lost a loved one, or if they just found out they got the job promotion they’ve been waiting for, for years!

The point it, I just don’t know.  But I do know that we are all made in His image, and we are all beautiful in his sight…and so I hope to see that beauty whenever I people watch, human watch, or after I find shapes in the clouds with a four-year old who thinks humans are boring…



I Saw the Light

Have You Heard?

The Beauty of People
by Marcy Lytle

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