Lights Out
by Marcy Lytle

I walked into the bathroom early one morning in the dark and since I knew right where the switch was (behind the door), I turned it on and there was light.  However, when guests come over, I have to alert them to the location of the switch – as they have walk into the dark room to find it.  Also, early in the morning I walk through our den to the kitchen, only illuminated by a light over the stove that we leave on during the night.  Although I know the pathway to the kitchen, it helps to have that tiny bit of light to give me shadows to see…

As I was thinking about this, I realized something cool and applicable to my spiritual walk, as well. (God is so good to speak to me practically, and I love it!)

The REASON I know how to walk through my house and into the bathroom, without stumbling or falling in the dark, is because I’ve walked through it a million times in the light!

It stands to reason, then, that when dark times come, or clouds roll in, or all the “power” seems blown for the moment, we don’t have to fear.  Not only is the LIGHT with us, he has given us light to walk in when the sun is shining, the power is full…and we have learned some important things!

What are they?

  • We can memorize his word and hide it in our hearts, so that when darkness falls, we remember his mercy and grace and truth to lead us through the dark.

  • We can recall just where we stepped and walked when the lights were up, so that can carefully walk without falling.  We remember where things were placed and we step around those, into the room where there is light.  (Thinks like trust, faith, and obedience in Him.)

  • We can enter the darkness in confidence knowing that the switch to turn on the light is right where it was last time the room was dark.  The Light of the World is always with us!

  • We can thank Him for the tiny illumination he too leaves on to guide us through a dark place, that illumination of hope and blessings and promises and truth.


I don’t ever want to go through a dark period of life without having learned how to walk in the light.  But I can only learn that as I lean into Him, read his word, walk in his footsteps and place things so that there’s a path between them.

Next time you wake up and walk through your house in the dark or into a dark room, give thanks for what you learned while it was light.  And if you do stumble and get a bruise on your thigh from the edge of your bed (that you’ve hit a thousand times!) just rub your thigh and let out an “Ouch!” and keep walking toward the light.

The power never subsides, there are never blackouts, and transformers never blow – with Jesus.  Any time it’s dark it’s only because he’s calling us to remember the light and step carefully, hold his hand, and remember that HE IS GOOD.

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