I get it.  There are some seasons of life when there is NO time to read for pleasure. Especially while raising kids, the only thing you have time to read are medicine bottles, school papers, and labels on kids clothing and food when you shop!  But then there ARE seasons when you might want to pick up reading again, or squeeze it into your routine, because you long for an escape and time to yourself…into another world.  That’s what happened to me about a year ago…

Oh, I read before.  But I mainly read magazines.  I hadn’t read a good book in a very long time.  I joined a book club and now receive a book once a month, which makes me find the time to read, and I like it.  I feel it has helped find a bit of rest this year. 

So here’s a how-to and the what-and-why of getting back to reading a good book…if you’ve got that hankering to do so:


Reading stimulates brain activity, and keeps our minds active and learning. 

Reading is relaxing when we stop our hectic lives for a bit and experience the life of those in a good story!

Reading is fun.  And who doesn’t need a little fun in this frantic world in which we live?

Reading enlightens the mind and inspires creativity…or at least it can!


Keep the book in the car, and read for 10 minutes in the car before you go in to shop, or back into the house.  Pull it out like a treasure, to read and to enjoy, before you exit your car.

Keep the book by your bed, if you’re a reader at night.  Make it a point to read one chapter per night so that you look forward to seeing what happens each evening, before you drift off to sleep.

Keep the book in a bag that you tote everywhere, just in case you have the time to read.  Perhaps a friend you’re meeting will be late, you might incorporate reading time into date night, or a coffee shop stop might also include a time to put on your reading glasses and finish another chapter.

Keep the book reading time on your calendar if you know you need the schedule, or otherwise it won’t happen.  For example, maybe Tuesday/Thursday during lunch, you’ll read for 30 minutes while you eat. (My favorite is to find a shade tree, eat my packed lunch, and read!)


Make your book choices stories that you enjoy.  I tend to like mysteries, dramas and sometimes odd or unique stories.  I also like some historical fiction.  I don’t care for sci-fi or hot romances. 

Make your book choice fit your lifestyle – either a hardback, a paperback or Kindle, or however you want to read.  I suggest getting a good book where you can smell the pages and turn them!  Nothing beats that!

Make friends that love reading as well, and swap books.  How fun would that be?  Or join a book club that holds you accountable and provides discussion!

Make a stop at those little neighborhood box libraries in yards, and find a treasure there!  Be sure to put one back, after you’ve finished your good read.

Reading is one of those activities that moms/women often push aside as a low priority on our lists of to-do’s because of laundry and life.  However, sometimes just that little daily or every few days of escape onto the pages of another’s story makes us a happier and healthier woman when we’re done…


Read to Rest
by Marcy Lytle

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