Isn’t black and white a great combo?  I mean, one can add a pop of color and an outfit shines with the black and white background.  A black and white “affair” is where people are dressed to the nines and there’s a feast and fun for all.  Black type on the pages of a book invites us in to a story and beyond.  And black and white cookies?  Well they’re the best! If you haven’t tried them, please do!

For January date ideas, we’re sending out black and white ideas for you to try – for fun – to get your new year started off on a fun note – with a little pop of color! Which one will you try?

Black and white all over – Remember that joke “What’s black and white and “red” all over?” The answer is a newspaper! (“read” all over.)  So why not actually purchase a local newspaper (yeah, the paper kind) and read it from cover to cover, pick a place to eat that’s advertised in it, use a coupon, do the puzzle, read stories aloud to each other, and plan your entire date from the black and white print before you!  How fun would that be?

Black and white cookies – I mentioned these above, because they are seriously one of my favorite cookies ever.  We first had them in New York. 

They’re not so fast to make, because they require icing each side with black and white icing.  So buy the ingredients, make a date in the kitchen together and bake some, decorate them, then sit down for a winter movie by the fire and enjoy.  Here’s the recipe.

Black and white outfits – You know where I’m going with this.  Go shopping together, in your closet, or in the stores, and pick out a black and white outfit for a night out on the town!  Find a concert to attend, a sporting event, or a fine dining establishment and dress up and go!  Look your best, feel your best, and offer your best to each other. 

Black and white with a pop of color – January is a great month for a celebration of the new year.  So invite a couple or two over for a black and white affair – and ask them to bring a decoration of a solid color and a food of that same color.  Add those “pops” to your décor and your table, and enjoy a night together playing a game that involves dice. (You know, those black/white cubes?)


Black and white type – Go to the bookstore for date night and purchase a calendar with black/white squares and fill in outings and vacations and all sorts of things in the spaces provided.  Purchase a new book with black/white type and sit and read together in the coffee shop, while you sip on a dark roast or hot chocolate.  Purchase a piece of dark or white chocolate and enjoy bits of that along with your hot drink.  And finally, end the night praying together about those “gray” areas that you’re facing this new year – decisions that you need to make – and trust him to make it as clear and black and white.

Black and White
by Marcy Lytle

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