I absolutely love the holiday season, except for the fact that it goes by so quickly.  I hear so many people express that same observation, every single year. And this past holiday season was no exception.  I often even anticipate with dread the weeks after Christmas is over, because of the fact that it flies by and I want to savor every moment just a bit longer…

But this past December I realized that one of the biggest things I love and that I then miss when the holidays are over are the lights!  I love the lights!  From the time the first house on our street hangs them on the roofs or around their windows, it makes me smile.  I love it when Christmas trees are lit on little town squares, with all the people gathered around to count down and watch the moment they shine!  I light candles, I have battery operated lights strung or stuffed into many little Christmas objects, and we string lights around our own tree, and I sit back and…sigh…it’s so beautiful.  

The lights are breathtaking and they draw me in to sit a while and just gaze at the sparkle…

And then, January 1 hits and it seems there’s this mad rush to get back to the norm, put away the mess, and get the house back in order.  I feel that way, as well.  But I also enjoy having some of the winter décor linger a bit longer (like snowmen and even trees!) and this year, I’ve decided to let the lights remain for a bit longer, as well.  Probably not on the outside of the house, but above the fireplace especially, I want to enjoy those flickers.  I’ve even thought of ways to incorporate lights throughout the year so that the warmth and smiles that they bring is never extinguished!

In February, I think I’ll add a few twinkles of red around a heart, and for sure keep candles aflame.

In March, it might be fun to check our lights out in the garden, so that they twinkle at sunset and usher in spring.

In April, why not enhance the light show around the theme of Easter, with flowers in vases, also adorned with a few twinkles?

In May, I’d like to purchase a few summer scented candles and place them around, to replace the pumpkins and apples and vanillas of fall/winter.  Perhaps sage and rosemary and lavender scents will be present, as they burn and the fragrance fills our home.

In June, summer lights enjoyed in outdoor concerts on the green, especially the lights of our downtown city as they come on at night will be enjoyed!

In July, of course, the lights of the night that come with fireworks are a must!

In August, it’s hot and sultry, so morning lights on the porch before it’s hot might be enjoyable with him.

In September, the start of the fall season begins and all of the lights and flickers that we love so much will begin appearing everywhere as we start preparing for that fast and furious countdown til the end of the year once again.

Jesus called himself the Light of the World, perhaps because people are drawn to the light.  No one wants to sit in darkness where things aren’t visible, we end up with bruises from the unseen, and scary things come at us to whisper doom and gloom.  We are born to enjoy the light, be the light, and spread the light.  It’s why we exist.

So if you’re also a little gloomy that the holiday lights are being packed up and put away until December, why don’t you too let a few of those strands linger…and purpose to let a little light shine throughout the year? I plan to, and I’m excited about it.


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