Walking.  It’s the easiest, most natural way, of keeping our health in check.  It pumps the heart, it moves the body, it’s fun to do alone or with friends, it’s a time to notice nature, and it’s so much more – it’s something we can do anywhere, anytime, at any place.  However, January – that month where frigid temps keep us indoors – is a hard time perhaps to find a place to walk.  So there we sit, in front of the television, behind our laptop, or with phone in hand…doing nothing…except snacking.

I’m determined this winter to keep moving and walking, and I’ve thought of several ways to help us all get moving and stay  moving even when days are short and temps are cold!  And then when I’m done, I can sit by the fire, put my feet up, and relax!

  • The mall – I never thought I’d see the day when we joined the ranks of mall walkers, but it’s actually a great way to exercise.  We often determine that we will walk twice around without stopping in any stores.  We look at the stores, the people, the sights and we think about where we might want to stop on our third journey around.

  • Target – There have been days that we’ve walked every aisle in Target at a fairly fast pace, just to get in our exercise for the evening.  Maybe the cameras pick up this “strange couple” and employees laugh, but we enjoy it!  Again, we walk every aisle and then go back and pick up what we need AFTER the walk is over.  Target is a big place, and there are lots of aisles, and it takes a while!

  • At home – Instead of walking in the house, we dance.  We either watch YouTube dancing videos or just put on music and move for a certain amount of time.  This gets the heart pumping and is actually quite enjoyable and makes us both laugh.  It’s good for our hearts!

  • Outside – If the weather isn’t too frigid, we bundle up with scarves and hats and coats and walk anyway.  We find a trail, we pick a day that’s not too windy, and we pack a thermos of something to drink and we go.  It’s fun walking trails, even when the green of spring is not yet here, and we like hearing the crackle of dead branches under our feet.  And we pick a day when the sun’s out so at least there’s a little warmth to be felt!

  • Up the stairs – Perhaps your house has a set of stairs, or there are stairs (or even an escalator) at a store you frequent, or stairs at your office.  For one day’s walking activity, take the stairs off and on, several times a day.  Get your heart pumping and purpose to not ride the elevator, and to go up and down with your actual legs so that you get in some movement and muscle workouts!

  • Around a square – Take a winter’s drive to a small town that has a square, and pick a day that’s not too blustery.  Hand in hand, walk the square several times, and end the walk with a stop in a quaint coffee shop or diner.  What a fun outing you’ll have while you exercised, as well!

  • An outdoor shopping center – Even though it’s cold, you’ll have places to enter as you walk.  Determine a distance you want to walk and keep track of it, jutting inside stores when you’re freezing, just to warm up, and then move again.  Park your car far from the stores and walk from strip to strip.  It might be fun to take $10 cash each and see what you can find along your walk that day.


Make walking an adventure that you both enjoy, with your spouse or with a friend, or even go it alone.  Walk in different places and vary up the scenery.  Walk at different paces, up and down, or around the town.  Use those seven ideas above and try one each day of the week! Whatever you do, this winter season, keep your sneakers by the door and walk some more…


Winter Walks
by Marcy Lytle

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