I was sharing some of my before bedtime skin care products on Instagram, and someone asked me to share the morning skin routine as well, before my day begins.  That question made me realize that there are a lot of healthy routines we do “before” we do something else, that are so important!  Before bedtime and before our day starts are just two examples!  I’m sharing them below:

Before bedtime – Of course, we wash our faces, like our moms told us to!  I just use a Neutrogena face wash for removing makeup, and Almay eye pads for taking off mascara, but then before bed – I have a few products I feel help me so much.  I love the night cream by Nuskin, as well as the eye cream.  Neither is scented, which is important to me.  I don’t want to go to bed with an aroma of perfume - not my thing.  In the winter, I love JR Watkins peppermint lotion on my dry hands, and I include lip balm of some sort, as well.  That’s it!  Before bedtime routines allow our faces and skin to soak in, relax, and become a part of what makes us sleep well!

Before the day starts – Of course, we wash our face again! But the morning is so different than the night! I use a threesome from Gruene Witch Apothecary – their coffee facial soap bar, the hazelwitch toner, and the anti-aging moisturizing.  I’ve seen all three of these products make a difference in my skin – from softening, to fading age spots, to tightening and awakening so well!  So that’s before the day…before I put on my makeup…before I face the world.

Before I speak – Thinking is the healthy habit of choice, here.  It’s so hard to stop and think before our mouths engage.  We hear him say something and we assume he meant this, so we say that, and sparks fly – not the romantic kind, either!  So many unhealthy arguments and wounds and pains in the heart can be avoided if we just stop and think that perhaps we misunderstood, maybe we are being too sensitive, or does it really matter – that flippant thing they said?  Are we really going to let it ruin our relationship?

Before dinner – Maybe this sounds silly, but prepping ourselves before we eat is a good healthy habit as well.  Drinking a tall glass of water curbs those hunger pains and might just keep us from overeating.  Choosing to only make one plate with sensible servings and no seconds is another good healthy habit, once we begin it and keep it going.  Saying thanks before we eat is another healthy thing to do, to remind us of his good provision which calms our souls and makes our food digest so much better!

Before leaving the house – We all know that the new routine is to make sure our bags have hand sanitizer, as well as masks.  But it’s a good thing to have a “covid” bag in the car as well, in case we forget – one with those same things inside – as well as wipes!  Another healthy habit is to consider our shoes.  Will they be comfortable and safe for the activities where we’re going? We can leave an extra pair in the car at all times! 

Before we begin our to-do list – I don’t know about you, but my to-do list can sometimes stress me out before my day begins!  It’s a good practice to write down all that’s in our head, so that it’s there and we can then look at it.  It’s also good to delegate to others, some of the things we need help with.  YES.  Ask for help.  And then it’s good to prioritize.  If we can’t wash and vacuum the car today, it can wait.  It won’t destroy our day if we continue with a little extra leaves and grass on the floorboard, if doing so enables us to lay our heads back again the pillow for a quick nap.

Before saying yes – Some of us are better at saying no than others, but we all need to take up the healthy habit of knowing when to say each answer.  Maybe we need to say yes to more things, instead of hibernating because we’ve become used to not dealing with people.  Maybe we need to say no more often, because too many people know we’re available and don’t leave us alone.  Wisdom, ask for wisdom, then give the answer that brings peace.

What other “before” habits can we think of that are healthy and wise?  I can think of lots more, but I’ll stop with these seven…before you grow tired of reading…

by Marcy Lytle

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