I love telling a story using songs because there are so many ways God speaks to me through music. Sometimes, it is through the title like Tasha Cobb-Leonard’s “Gracefully Broken.” This title represents an amazing image of who our God is and what He does with us. It starts with the magnificent image of our God’s love for us and His grace, and ends with the hard truth that as a Christian I do not want to deal with: being broken.

I’m not in a state of brokenness, but the unpleasant truth is that I have stuff in me that I hold onto so hard that God has to break me in order for me to turn it loose. Over the last year, I have found myself in this very situation. It’s a situation that was caused by my false expectations and my unwillingness to let them go. This has caused me to struggle in a way that I never have before. I quite honestly had my foundation shaken in a way that caused me to struggle with my faith, but God spoke to me through music. He helped me to see the grace in the brokenness. These song lyrics are beautiful and you will be blessed as you listen to them. Gracefully Broken

You may be wondering what in the world could have shaken my foundation to the point that my faith was put to the greatest test it has ever faced. I have discovered that the answer lies not in the situation, but in my heart. Simply put,

I had a crisis of faith, because I did not have faith.

I know that sounds like I am talking in circles but I am not.   The only way our faith can be shaken is when we have a lack of faith.

Faith is a choice, and we choose to believe the Word and promises of God or we do not. I was caught up in looking at the current situation and completely lost sight of the promises and the truth of God’s word.

A good example of this can be seen in the Cookie situation…

Almost two years ago when my son Jordan was dealing with the loss of a friend in a tragic accident, he fell into such well of grief that I gave in and allowed him and his brother Jerimiah to adopt a dog. Jordan soon realized that what he expected it to be like to have a dog and the reality of what it was really like to have a dog were two vastly different things. In the end, we rehomed her with a friend of his. A few weeks ago, he was asked to dog sit while his friend went hunting. We were blown away by how different Cookie was. She was behaving in a way that we all wanted/expected when we adopted her. We all had our false expectations when we first adopted her, as we all had this vision of what it was going to be like to have a dog. We could/would not look beyond the current situation, and therefore gave up.

That is what I had done, as well. I carried around these false expectations…and when reality hit, I chose to focus on the now and not the promise. Dara Maclean’s Nobody but You song is a perfect example of this point. Listen, if you can, to the lyrics. What an AWESOME song and message. Did you honestly expect that song to be what is was after hearing the beginning? What a wonderful surprise this song was for me.  However, if I had just focused on the now as I started listening or not moved past the beginning music, I would have missed the beauty.

Don’t let your now keep you from the promise. Don’t give up on God.

Hanging onto and focusing on the promise does not always take away the pain in the brokenness. He never promises there will be no pain, but He does promise He will always be with us. This next song beautifully captures this promise to me, Another in the Fire Hillsong United.


These songs do not take away the hurt, they don’t speed up the journey, but they do help me along the way. They encourage, they provide another avenue for God to speak to me and not just in difficult seasons. I will say that there are days I think I am almost to at the end of this season in my life and other days when I feel I right back at the beginning of it. What I can definitely say with 100% certainty is that I am not in this season alone. And neither are you.

False Expectations
by Erica Simmons

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