What if…we continue the theme of Christmas and the holidays and make date night all about little niceties and treats and sweets and lovelies every night of the month – with an advent of sorts – for date night! 


Why not? 


Perhaps money is tight, you’re sad the holidays are over, you’re not really in the mood to go out or decide on something creative at home.  But you DO have a few minutes each day to remind each other of the love you have and the fun you both are!

31 days of romantic “date night” moments:

  1. Leave a mint on his pillow

  2. Write a note and place it by his coffee mug

  3. Tell him the most attractive physical quality you love

  4. Do one of his chores

  5. Make a dessert for two

  6. Wear each other’s socks

  7. Send him a song that reminds you of him

  8. Rub his back

  9. Write a note in lipstick on his mirror

  10. Compliment his outfit

  11. Hold his hand

  12. Ask how his work is going

  13. Send him a card in the mail (yes, to your house)

  14. Watch his pick for movie night

  15. Take out the trash

  16. Dress up and invite him to a candlelit dinner

  17. Purchase a coffee and surprise him

  18. Prepare a hot bath/shower for him with new soap

  19. Go out for fast food dessert

  20. Pray for him and offer him a verbal blessing

  21. Indulge in chocolate with him

  22. Sit by the firepit and look into his eyes

  23. Encourage him with a verse for the year

  24. Ask him outside to stargaze one night, cider in hand

  25. Have breakfast together at night

  26. Buy him a surprise after-Christmas gift

  27. Text him something sweet

  28. Write a poem and place by his sink

  29. Purchase and give him a magazine he’d like (Family Handyman, i.e.)

  30. Surprise hug him five times today.

  31. Wink at him across the room

January Advent
by Marcy Lytle

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