Is the title of this article even a word?  I know it’s a feeling, because I’ve been there, and I’m guess you have been there as well.  It’s one of those feelings that we feel on a day when nothing anyone says will cheer us up, because frankly – we don’t want to be cheery!  There are some days when we just feel down, either for very good reasons, or for no identifiable reason at all and we feel UNCHEERABLE!

It could be a day when we feel lonely, especially in these past months, when friends’ calls and hugs and attention are all but none.  We feel sad, but we don’t want clichés or our husbands to try and cheer us up.  We just want to be alone and wallow in our uncheeriness.  Is that a word?  Probably not, but it is today.

My grandmother had a sign in her kitchen that said something like, One day I was sad and melancholy and I heard a voice say – Cheer up – things could be worse.  So I cheered up, and sure enough – things got worse.  I used to laugh at that sign, and what it said has stuck with me all these years!

So…I’m not going to include scripture verses here (because we can look them up, if we want them), I’m not going to give us practical exercises or 

ways to change our stinking thinking (we probably already know those, as well.)  What I want to do is say,

It’s Okay!

Maybe that’s what we need to hear in uncheerable moments, or on uncheerable days.  None of us wants to live an uncheerable life, as that would be most miserable.  But to feel uncheerable, wanting to be left alone and not spoken to for a few moments or hours is pretty darn normal.

Seasons come and go, and it’s interesting to note that one of those four seasons is where everything is dormant and life is hidden beneath the ground, and animals hibernate, and the skies are bleak.  It’s called winter…the season we’re in right now.  It’s part of the year that we encounter over and over again, and it’s part of the cycle.  There’s a reason for winter.

The ground rests.  The animals sleep.  And there’s nothing we can do to awaken the plants or stir the animals, because it’s part of what happens in the cycle of life. 

However, we all know that temperatures rise, the ice thaws, the green reappears and blooms start showing.  And it’s not because they were coerced to awaken or stimulated or prodded.  Their roots were deep, the fall rains prepared the ground for dormancy, and spring just knew when to show up.

So if you’re having an uncheerable moment or day, just take a nap, chill, hide away, or do nothing.  You’re not a terrible person if you don’t want to be awakened to cheer and shout.  Tomorrow’s another day, and spring will come for sure, so it might just be your time to rest and dig deep and wait…

Whether “things” get worse or better doesn’t really matter when you’re planted by the river, because the seasons don’t stay…they give way to the next one…to that cheery season of blossoms and aromas and sunshine.

It will come.  And it’s okay to not want to hear that right now…

by Marcy Lytle

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