We all know that Jesus came to restore our relationship with the Father and that understanding offers us peace and rest. But did you know that refusing that rest is considered disobedience by God? 


So what does obedience look like?


When the Israelites left Egypt and were wandering in the desert, God promised them that they would inherit a land of milk and honey. What he didn't tell them was that giants were living there at the time, and it didn't appear that it would be easy to get them to leave. Wouldn't you think that God would understand their dismay and difficulty in believing? Why was he so hard on them? Surely facing reality is not a sin?


But the bible clearly states that God has no problem with us facing reality. All of the great heroes of the faith also had adversity and acknowledged it. The problem was that God had already parted the Red Sea, given water from a rock, and fed his people with manna and meat. They had received multiple opportunities to see God perform miracles on their behalf and to grow in their confidence in his provision for them. Yet they stubbornly refused to view their difficulties as small in comparison to their great God. And so Hebrews states that because they did not add faith in God's finished work to their knowledge, they were disobedient. 

photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt

What about us today? When we have problems, and I'm pretty sure we do from time to time, do we call to mind all that God has already done to prove himself trustworthy? Or do we immediately panic and wish for earlier times? Our God is the same today and is ready to provide miracles when we remember who he is and rest in that knowledge. He loves to show up when we have a seemingly impossible situation, so that he can be our solution. 


I do not want God to consider me to be disobedient. I want to enter his rest!


Lord, during these challenging times, remind my heart of your constant faithfulness to me so that I will respond by putting my trust in you. You have already proven your love for me and you deserve every bit of my confidence in your finished work.

God's Rest
by Pam Charro

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