The Bedroom
by Marcy Lytle

Mix up prints – One idea is to keep your basic comforter and ditch all the matching shams and pillows, and mix it up.  Keep that one neutral hue and then add some prints and textures in your pillows.  Seriously, this can give you an entire new look that’s fresh and up to date!  Here’s an example of mixing up prints!

Arrange another way – If you normally fold back your comforter and stand up your pillows, try it a different way.  Stack your pillows instead!  If your throw pillows line up like soldiers, consider turning them sideways or at an angle!  Get a friend to help you with vision!

Now’s the time for dressing up your bed!  It’s the time of year when all the bedroom “stuff” is on sale, and a great way to boost your mood going forward.  It doesn’t have to mean an entire bed makeover (although it could), but there are cute accents and ways to dress up the bed with just one change or two!  We’ve narrowed it down to seven ideas!


New throw pillows – This might be the easiest up-do.  Toss out all of your old throw pillows, or purchase new covers, and update your bed this way. If the current throw pillows are too small, too many, too few, or the wrong colors, then stand back and look.  Decide on a few new ones, vary up the shapes and sizes, and go shopping!  

A throw at the foot – Maybe your bed looks fine, but you feel it just needs one extra thing.  What about adding a throw at the foot in a bold geometric print or color, to add a pop to your bedding!  And you’ll also have a cozy pullup on those cold January nights.  How about a fun plaid?

Move it – Consider rearranging your bedroom and moving the bed to another wall.  Get rid of clutter or extra furniture that’s just collecting dust.  Minimalize so that your bedroom is inviting and cozy, not overstuffed and busy.

The headboard – If you don’t have one, create one.  If your headboard is outdated, change it up.  There are SO MANY options for headboards – ones from old gates hung on the wall – to a huge tapestry instead of a connecting wood piece. Or a beautiful art piece.  Look on the internet and be inspired!


A whole new setup – Maybe it IS time for a new comforter – the whole set.  Instead of getting a bed in a bag that coordinates perfectly - try mixing up the pieces.  Purchase just the comforter you love, and then shop for all the extra pieces and put together your new look.  How fun would that be?

Start with a vision, collect photos of ideas you love, and then make a list of what you’d like to do.  Not good with vision?  Ask a friend to come along and help.  Then start moving, rearranging, adding new and tossing old.  Pretty soon, you’ll have a whole new look that invites you in once again…


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