We asked our three moms to weigh in on their favorite sites or apps or all the things they browse, listen to or like, and to share that with us for the new year.  After all, moms need resources and encouragement and down time to be entertained, learn something new, or just chill and watch.  Our three moms have nine littles between them all, from ages 10 down to 2.  Here’s what they are saying to tune into, this New Year of 2021. 



I don’t listen to many podcasts or read blogs, but usually when I do listen it’s music. However…

I follow Bloom Podcast, done by a friend of mine, Sarah Walters.  She was mentor in my Christian sorority.  She is a licensed counselor and started a podcast discussing the differences of all our mental and spiritual health, and mindset.  She talks about how to heal and grow, and common reasons we might feel jealous or envious.  It is designed to encourage us all to find that we are enough and to be content with what we have now.  It’s very practical and tangible, and she’s very easy to listen to.  She is based in Austin, Texas.  You can find this on Spotify.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are (ones I actually go to and check!):

Candace Cameron Bure – She was DJ from Full House and she’s a believer and a mom.  She talks about mom life and business life and her faith. (candacecbure)

Nicole Walters – She has adopted three children and she’s hilarious.  She runs her own business.  So she shares marketing, career, and life. She’s so fun to follow! (nicolewalters)

Joanna Gaines – for décor ideas and she and her family are so fun to follow! (joannagaines)

Jasmine Roth – has a show on HGTV – super practical ideas on house designs and décor and DIY. (jasminerothofficial)


The people I "follow" the most are my family and friends!  I know that sounds cheesy but that is truly the case. I get so many ideas, suggestions, encouragement from just following family/friends on Facebook or Instagram - or through phone calls. If I had to pick certain blogs/apps/account I would pick:

  1. A Bundle of THYME because it provides great ideas on activities to do with kids, encouragement for your marriage and yourself!

  2. Busy Toddler (Susie Allison) on Instagram - you have to check her out if you are looking for creative ideas to entertain and enlighten your kids at home. Her sensory boxes are GENIUS! 


Other than that, I get most of my encouragement, ideas, parenting tips from my close family/friends, God's word, and other parenting books. I would love to start listening to more podcasts but I'll add to my "one day" list…when my kids are a little older and life isn’t so demanding…



It’s hard for me find time to listen or browse, as I barely make it through the day, because of this crazy season! However, I do the Bible Recap – a podcast that recaps my bible reading for the day.


Our kids are part of Orange Curriculum through our church – but I rarely get to it.  There’s a parent’s app for that.


In the evenings our family participates in an 806 prayer or on the way to school, I do a verse of the day – through the Bible App.  806 is the time we as a community gather on our porches to pray.


Jamey Ivey is a great podcast for moms.  It's a place were women gather to talk about all things life related, Jesus inspired.


Have a New Kid by Friday is a really good parenting podcast.  They share simple parenting principles and common sense psychology – check it out!


The Briefing by Albert Mohler. It’s a daily analysis of new world events from a Christian world view. It’s really good! 

Our Faves
by Marcy Lytle

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