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I’m not a coffee lover or a tea sipper, or any lover of hot drinks, really. I know, that’s odd.  But I have come to enjoy and make time and move myself toward a cup of tea more often.  There are benefits from drinking warm tea, not just from a physical standpoint, but for other reasons as well.  And this January might be a good time to revisit that sip of tea from a healthy view.

  • Consider having a tea party.  I hosted one in December with a few friends.  It was a great reason for me to purchase a new tea pot and think about an intimate setting for fun.  We made ornaments, tied scarves, and answered questions around the table as we sipped tea and ate little sandwiches and small pies.  Healthy?  Why, yes it was…it warmed my heart.

  • That scratchy throat needs it.  This is the real reason I revisited sipping tea.  Adding lemon and honey to a warm tea (my daughter introduced me to Throat Coat tea) really helps this time of year to soothe the throat and calm the cough.  Every single morning, first thing.

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  • The time it takes to steep is good.  It’s not a quick drink to make, this hot tea.  There’s boiling the water, dropping in the tea bag, and waiting for it to steep.  I suppose it requires a bit of patience, and that’s always a good thing…waiting for something good to come our way, isn’t it?

  • The cups and teapots are adorable.  It’s heartwarming and cheerful to own a teapot of any kind.  Mine is wood and black, but some like dainty and flowery.  I don’t even know all of the options for teapots!  And the cups, well they’re just as fun to own and use.  Having a little treat that makes one happy is healthy, because it lightens the spirit.

  • If you’ve got a whistler, listen for it.  I’ve never had a teapot that whistles until I just purchased this new one.  Again, I haven’t been a tea drinker.  But honestly, when I heard the first whistle, I was so delighted.  It’s like a call, beckoning me to sit and slow down, sip a hot beverage, and read, meditate, pray or just observe.  And that, my friend, is healthy indeed…


as we start a new year with all the goodness that it holds.

A Sip of Tea
by Marcy Lytle
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