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As I reflect on this last month, I realize that it was full of "how to" moments with my children. 


Unwrap Moving Boxes


My kids and I had just moved into a new apartment. Moving in December was great because we got to unpack the Christmas boxes right away. We all love the Christmas season!


  • cut a slit at the edge between the lid and the side of the box

  • find the origin of the first layer of tape

  • Peel and pull (if the tape gets stuck you can use scissors)


Make a Gingerbread House (In our case, more like how to make the pieces stay..)


  • Soften the icing by kneading the bag first

  • Test where the edges will meet before putting the icing on

  • Squeeze icing along the edge of both pieces and gently press them together

  • Hold the pieces together for at least 15 seconds

  • To ensure the candy stays, place the icing on the candy (especially the bigger sized ones) 

  • Place the candy on the desired place and hold for at least 15 seconds

  • If something doesn't hold, repeat the process and add reinforcing icing.


The boys took turns practicing these steps. It was not a simple task. At the end of it, they preferred to eat parts of it and appreciate its beauty. They gave me permission to finish it if I wanted to.


Put up Christmas tree lights


I asked Brendan for his help putting up the lights. He pulled the string of lights tight and let the rest of the cord fall. As soon as I saw this, I stopped him and taught him how to put them up. He did a great job paying attention and following along until he reached independence with doing it.

  • Hold the neatly wrapped bunch of lights in one hand, letting out some slack (I showed him what I meant by slack) while using the other hand to guide the individual cord on the tree

  • Lay the cord lightly on the branches, starting at the top of the tree

  • Wrap it around and go to the next branch or two below to put the string of lights on

  • Follow this pattern until you have reached the bottom of the tree


Believe in Santa Clause when some people don't


This was a conversation I knew would come but was hoping not so soon. Matthew told me one day after school that other kids were saying Santa Clause wasn't real. He asked me if I believed in Santa. I told him that I will always believe in Santa Clause, that he is a special spirit, magic of Christmas.

  • Make the decision to believe

  • Tell yourself that it is ok to think differently than others

  • Keep Santa Clause in your heart, mind, and soul

  • Tell someone you trust and cares about you how you feel if need be


After I talked to Matthew about this, I was relieved that he was at peace about it. 


The lessons I've learned from all of these experiences are:

  • Don't assume what kids know or don't know how to do. It might surprise you

  • Once you give a direction, give your child the opportunity, space to follow it

  • Sometimes less direction is more

  • Have he or she do as you do is often the best learning strategy

  • Most importantly, these learning experiences are memories created between you and your children. Cherish them!


If I can do it, so can you! 

December Memories
by Michelle Wyatt
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