As time goes on and we’re still cautious in our socializing, it’s hard to think of dates where there aren’t crowds or viruses lurking at every table, right?  Or maybe you’re already out and could care less; you’re ready to be back at life.  What’s important is that we don’t let date night slip away, just because date places are few and far between!  Just like when we jump into the deep end of a pool on a hot summer day, we can totally jump into fun with our dates this month of July…no matter what is going on in the world.


Dinner theater for two – Pull out the card table and set it right in front of your television and decorate it for two – with whatever you have on hand – to make it romantic!  Maybe pick a few flowers and place them in a vase, add a candle, set out placemats and fun plates (you can even use colorful paper ones!), and then serve your food while you pick a movie to enjoy.  We’ve enjoyed the Hallmark mysteries just because they’re light and not heavy, in this heavy-filled world right now.  The food doesn’t have to be fancy, just the setting…with the lights down low…in a dinner theater you’ve created all your own.

Adventure for a day – Get out a paper map (or look online) and choose one or two towns within two hours of your home, google what there is do and eat and see there, and GO.  Pack up a few water bottles, include your walking shoes (because you’ll see a pretty park), take a magazine or puzzle book (because you’ll want to linger in a quiet spot in a small town), and some cash for junking. Be on the lookout for cool old buildings, junk shops, eateries that have good reviews, and hidden treasures.  You’ll come home happy and full.

Shopping for Christmas – Yes, I’m putting it out there.  Shopping for others and with a purpose is fun for both, with list in hand.  Wear something red or green, make a list of someone to bless this Christmas (or for Christmas in July!), decide on your budget, and go.  Find great sales, and start buying now.  You could just purchase stocking presents for fun, or you could pick a friend and purchase a surprise and leave it on his/her porch at the end of the date.  Enjoy something red and green, like watermelon!

Remodeling an Area – How can this be a date, you ask?  It can be SO FUN.  Pick an area of the house. We recently picked the front area of our kitchen by two large windows.  We decided to make it an office area, so we shopped for furniture, designed the look we wanted, and ordered.  It’s a blast!  It doesn’t have to be big.  Maybe he has a messy desk, and you have a messy shelf, and both are driving you crazy.  Sit down and google inspiration (save copies of how you want these areas to look) and then order or go out and get a few organizers, and start – doing it together!  Enjoy an ice cream float when you’re done, then go back home and admire.

Conversations by Water – Take your lawn chairs; meet another couple under a shady tree near water…and converse.  Bring a picnic and eat, and get to know each other.  Ask questions, and listen to their answers.  Don’t discuss the state of the world, the pandemic or anything negative.  Speak life to each other and encourage and pray.  Then give thanks.  We often do these things alone, but with another couple can be life-giving to both!  Stay until the sun sets and breathe in deep as you are reminded with your friends of His faithfulness to all…as you gaze up and see the stars march across the sky in the dark.

Jump In
by Marcy Lytle

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