We recently spend a weekend with our kids, away at an airbandb, and the last morning we went on a hike to find a pond on the property.  Some of us were less than enthusiastic (because it was hot and muggy), others were adventurous (because that is their nature – my husband!), still others were willing to go because it’s what we were all doing (so why not?)  Whatever we felt, we all put on our walking shoes and began the trek to find the pond, down a trail and through a bit of high grass and along brush, until there it was…

It wasn’t huge, but it was quite something!  It was completely covered with lily pads and tiny jumping frogs!  The kids squealed and we all marveled, because we don’t really see that in the city, where we all live. 

We discovered more trails, and kept walking, but it was a relatively short hike.  The littles grew a bit weary and one wanted to be carried.  Our son and his wife were childlike and enjoyed giving each other piggyback rides.  My husband wanted us to “come on” and see the next thing in nature that caught his attention.  Me, I just watched and observed my entire family together outside, and my heart felt complete.

And then…my daughter and her daughter sat on a log.  I think that was my favorite scene of all.  I’m not sure why, but there they were sitting and resting, and Ayla (age 7) picked a small flower, her mom smiled, and they rested…both wearing sneakers…one wearing sunglasses….and the other a darn cute cap that had been bought at the zoo two days prior.  It was a picture worth taking.

As I’ve scrolled through my phone over the past few weeks, these photos keep drawing my attention.  The hiking adventure that lasted maybe 30 minutes provided a great backdrop of family life and the stillness and the beauty that came when mother and daughter found a log and sat for just a minute.

A lot can happen while sitting on a log:

  • All of nature can be observed from a place of rest.

  • Tired legs can be rejuvenated.

  • Conversations and smiles can be passed.

  • Tiny flowers nearby can be picked and smelled.

  • Listening to nature and to each other can bring new life.


When’s the last time you found a log and sat with someone and picked a flower and rested?

I hope our family continues to hike together and play together.  For me, it’s one of the most important things in life, to get away.  And if you can snap a picture of one of your kids with one of their kids, and the love is obvious and the rest is good…then that’s just pure gold right there.

Find a log.  Take a friend or family member.  Sit and observe.  Get up and marvel at the lily pads. And make plans to do it again real soon…



Those Friends

Informed or Insane

Find a Log
by Marcy Lytle

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