I could go on and on with the list of words that pepper the news stories right now, and have been for the past few months.  We turn on the news every night at 10pm to get the latest updates on what’s happening in our city and around the world, and quite frankly – it’s depressing!   We both have news pop-ups on our iphones where we are alerted with “breaking news!”  And if we stop and read every one throughout the day, everything starts to feel insane!

We want to grab our heads and say, “Stop with the madness!”

When our family went away together for a weekend, we were still connected, but being away from the city helped a bit with an escape from the madness.  Of course, we wanted to be aware and informed, but sometimes our conversations became dark and full of despair.  That’s not fun.  So we stopped and played a game, or took a walk, or watched the kids.

So just how much of listening and reading and staying informed is healthy, and how much is harmful?

I’d say the answer to that depends on each one of us and our tolerance to the news.

Obviously, journalists and media personnel are going to fill our ears and eyes with sensational stories that are full of truth and untruth.  It’s impossible to decipher all of it and categorize it, so we have to do something with the part that disturbs us the most.  We have to cast it over on HIM. 

Obviously, we need to stay informed so that we can pray effectively, vote smartly, take care of our health and our families, but it’s also impossible to know exactly every move to make, when to make it, and who to help and how much to do!  We have to listen and obey, and follow PEACE.

Obviously, we need to be prepared for emergencies that are weather-related, to stay away from dangerous parts of our cities, to be informed so that we can make intelligent decisions that change our world for the better, but it’s not in our skill set to ward off every danger that lurks in the shadows.  We have to dwell in His SHADOW and rest. 

There’s got to be a healthy balance to being informed but not insane. 

The only way I’ve found to stay informed but keep away from insanity is to be sensible.

  • When I start to feel anxious, I can turn off electronics and the television.

  • When I begin to wonder and worry about the future, I can read the Word about His love and protection.

  • When I frantically search for ways to safeguard me and mine I can pray and listen, and obey for me and my house.

  • When I see storms on the horizon, I can lie down and sleep because He’s there with me to speak, “Peace, be still.”


It’s not easy, striking a balance between informed and insane.  But we have to search for it, find it, and stay there.  We can think about the scales of our minds and emotions and see which way the scales are tipped. Too much information tips us toward insanity, because the information we hear is full of all sorts of scares, lies, agendas and yes information – but it’s wrapped in fear.  Fear tips the scale toward insanity.  Fear is an emotion we all find on our scales, but we can totally move it to the other side where FAITH resides, and bring ourselves back to peace.

It’s not been easy and it may not get easier for a while.  But be encouraged to turn off, disconnect, and settle your heart before plugging back in to stay informed.  Information is good.  Insanity is bad.  Keep an eye on the balance…

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Those Friends
Informed or Insane?
by Marcy Lytle

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