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Trust has to be earned.

We hear that phrase all the time in broken relationships between parents and children, husbands and wives, employer and employee, etc.  When trust is broken, we don’t automatically trust again.  We wait until the trust-breaker proves himself to be “worthy” of our trust.  And rightly so, correct?  I mean who wants to be disappointed and stepped on again, if they trust someone that has disappointed them over and over again?  No one can stand that kind of repeated hurt…

I was thinking about mistrust, because we’ve become a society that trusts no one.  We don’t trust the government because of lies and being misled.  The police force is not trusted because of abuse, and it doesn’t matter that there are good cops…the bad ones have spoiled the bunch.  Teens don’t trust their parents because of divorce, abandonment and neglect.  Spouses don’t trust each other due to extramarital affairs and pornography online.  I would venture to say that mistrust leads the pack of emotions in the bulk of our society.

I haven’t written anything above that you don’t already know.  However, that mistrust can bleed over into our relationship with HIM, if we are not careful. 

We often lump God into our pile of people and things and entities that are not trustworthy.  That action only comes from losing sight of the truth, forgetting his character, and thinking that our ways are better than His…therefore when he doesn’t “come through,” He cannot be trusted.

Is it okay to mistrust God?

I think we all have mistrusted him at one time or another in our lives, mainly when unanswered prayer brings confusion, hurt and grief.  Maybe we prayed for healing, and death came instead.  Perhaps we gave thanks a new job, only to lose it two months in.  And maybe that family member that’s causing so much grief has caused us to give up trusting God at all, because we are so weary we cannot trust at all…anymore. There is no strength left to trust.

I do have a handful of people that I trust completely, but even they are flawed.  Every single person in my life, including myself, has failed my expectations and I’ve felt a twinge of mistrust over an act of neglect or forgetfulness or failure. 

So what are we to do with the trust that must be earned?  Who has earned our trust, and what happens if we trust again?

  • Obviously, Jesus earned our trust when he died on the cross.  After all, no greater love has any man than to lay down is life for a friend.

  • Obviously, God earned our trust when he created the heavens and earth, caused the sun and moon to rise every single day, because he has proved himself faithful.

  • Obviously, Jesus is worthy of our trust because there is NO OTHER name by which man can be saved except for Jesus – the name above all names – the name that heals, protects and covers a multitude of sin.

  • Obviously, the Holy Spirit can be trusted to guide us into all truth and comfort us in hard times, because he’s the gift of HIS presence that goes with us throughout all of life, once we place our trust in Him.

  • Obviously, the Word of God is trustworthy because it has stood the test of time and proven to be true – every word and every foretelling and every hope and every story – offers hope of wonderful things to come.

  • Obviously, all of creation teaches us to trust the Creator when it blossoms and blooms through cracks in sidewalks, stands tall through gales of wind, and flows freely over rocks and through canyons, singing praises and clapping hands to the Maker of all things.

  • Obviously, He knew we’d lose our footing and falter in our faith, so he tells us to trust once again and not lean to our own understanding but to acknowledge Him – and he WILL direct our paths.


I don’t know where you stand right now and where your trust meter points, but it can only point to one entity and authority that never fails.   And when we point that meter at each other and start mistrusting and fighting and quarreling among ourselves, our meter soon breaks and is rendered useless in measuring trust.

God never fails in being faithful.  It’s because FAITHFUL is his name.  He is trustworthy of all of our faith, all of our trust, all of our dependence, all of our hope, and all of our future.

Riots, pandemics, economic losses, diseases, and even death will emerge over our land until that final day…He told us it would be so. But…


Isaiah 26: 3,4 says this,

You will keep in perfect peace

those whose minds are steadfast,

because they trust in you.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord,

 the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

I want that perfect peace and a steadfast mind, don’t you?  He never said that peace reigns when we get what we demand every time we pray.  He did say that peace reigns when we give thanks in all things, regardless of our understanding…because our trust is in Him.   


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