We all know that reading our bibles and praying, thinking on good things, and staying positive are healthy and wise when it comes to keeping our minds occupied and well.  And we need to remind ourselves of this often.  However, there are lots of little practical things that can help our minds rest, stay at ease, and close in peace at the end of the day as well…

  •  Do something with a child.  Paint her toenails, play with paper dolls, color with him, or toss a ball.  This detangles a cluttered mind.

  • Bake bread.  Reading a recipe, digging our hands into dough, kneading and forming and waiting and smelling…it’s all good.

  • Leave the house.  Staying in all day wearies the mind.  Drive out in the country, or to another neighborhood, and observe beauty in creation and in your neighbor.  This makes your mind smile. 

  • Close your eyes.  It might be to take a nap, but it could be to just hear the birds sing or wind in the trees.  But often, we don’t hear these things unless our eyes are closed.  Hearing heals the mind.

  • Phone a friend.  Don’t sit and stew and wait and wonder why she isn’t calling.  Call her.  Don’t complain or gossip.  Just encourage her.  He says he will refresh you when you refresh others.

  • Take off your shoes.  Sit down, remove your footwear, put up your feet – against something cool – and rest.  Tired feet make tired minds.

  • Exercise. This is always touted as being good for your body, but it’s good for your mind, too.  Walking is the simplest exercise there is, so walk.  Even if it’s hot – walk and carry a spray bottle and water – but walk.

  • Create.  Maybe you don’t consider yourself creative, or maybe you do but never have time to do the “big projects.”  Try creating a new outfit from your closet, rearranging a shelf, sketching a scene, or painting a pot.  Little creations make big satisfactions.

  • Make a flavored drink or water.  Google beverage recipes and try a new one.  Make it cold, over ice, add a straw and serve it in a favorite glass.  And sip…ever so slowly.

  • Empty the bowl.  By this, I mean get rid of the thoughts that clutter.  Write them down and throw them away.  Visualize placing them in a box and handing them over.  Whatever emptying looks like…do that.

  • Hand-water your yard.  My dad has always used the hose to water, and he looks so peaceful doing it.  Watching the water as it falls on dry ground, and seeing grass literally perk up beneath it, is amazing and mind-blowing.  And healing.

  • Vacate.  Leave town, even if places aren’t open, hotels are scary to stay in, or money is tight.  Don’t wait until you have funds.  Pack up snacks and books and blankets, and leave town for the day…by a creek…to a town square…in a park…but away from familiar surroundings. 


Print out this list and hang it where you can choose one thing a week to do, even one a day, so that your mind stays healthy and sane and free and alive.  Mediate on his words, love others, and pray always.  But get up and do something physical to affect that mind of yours, so that it functions well and at peace, uncluttered and free.


Minds Over Matter
by Marcy Lytle

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