Wear it Now!
by Marcy Lytle

I love this sunflower dress.  Fitted at the top, but flowy at the bottom, and full of sunshine!  You can tell it’s comfy just by the photo! 


And the sunflowers – well, they are my favorite flower! 


What’s yours?


All during these months of staying closer to home, buying online or curbside, and avoiding public places, I’ve heard over and over that people are staying in “comfy” clothes like sweats or shorts, and tshirts.  I get it.  Those outfits are super comfy.  But I’ve found that a lot of clothes that look pretty and make me feel dressed up can be comfy, as well!  Not all “nice” outfits have to be uncomfortable and itchy!  I’ve quite enjoyed purchasing and wearing skirts and dresses, so here are a few of my faves!

I’ve found that knit is good, elastic feels great, and color is the bomb…and if I wait until life is back to normal to wear these things…I might be waiting quite a while!

Stripes, No Stars

This navy and white striped dress from Amazon can be dressed up if I choose to go out, but it’s totally comfortable to sit around in, while working from home or visiting in a park. 


The belt, which is attached, can be tied in the front in a long bow, or around the back and back to the front in a short knot.

Isn’t this black dress the best? 


We all need one, and it doesn’t have to be dressy.  This one is elastic at the waist, has pockets, and can be worn with every shoe in the closet! 


I wore it to the park to sit by the water…it was divine.


I purchased a light blue chambray and a khaki skirt in this same style.  Elastic waist, great length, the perfect skirt for summer with tshirts or button-ups or whatever!   


They do have to be ironed, because they’re linen…but they iron easily and quickly!



I’ve really enjoyed this midi length skirt from Old Navy (did you know that length is back?) The color is a neutral, so I’ve worn it with gold, mauve, white and more.  It washes up great, and also has elastic on the back of the waist!


Love this green wrap dressy blouse. It’s from Ann Taylor Factory, and it’s great for summer! 


LOVE the tie wrap at the waist, and the fact that it can be worn with capris or a skirt!




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