Keeping kids full seems impossible, doesn’t it?  They want to eat constantly, while watching shows, playing games, after activities, in the car, and just everywhere!  It’s hard to constantly just serve what’s healthy, because every kid wants cookies!  It seems to be a mom dilemma for sure – among everyone!  One mom said her kids say the word “snack” every 30 minutes.  Can you relate?

We decided to create a list of snack ideas, and how to portion and keep them.  You’ll notice these moms include a good balance of sweets and fruit and fun!

For snacks:

  • Apples and peanut butter

  • Popcorn (with M&M’s sometimes for family movie night, and definitely for road trips)

  • Pears and Laughing Cow cheese

  • Veggies with Ranch or HEB dill dip (the best!)

  • Applesauce and applesauce pouches – convenient, don’t require refrigeration and mess free (usually.)

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese sticks

  • Cuties – those mini oranges – delicious, refreshing and healthy

  • Popsicles, sugar free made by Popsicles – delicious and better for teeth

  • Watermelon (great for picnics and beach trips!)

  • Favorite candies

For organizing and serving:


  • Let the oldest cut up fruit and veggies, and be a part of making the snacks for younger siblings.


  • Keep a bottom shelf or fridge bin for reachable snacks.


  • Create a snack bin to sit on top of the fridge, where food is not in arms reach of the littles. 

  • Keep lots of options available, so kids have a choice to pick from.


  • Limit snacks, especially before meals, but also let them have one so Mom can have quiet time!


  • Find new snacks often, to give the kids variety and different nutrients.


  • Require kids to ask permission for snacks (so they don’t eat candy all day!)


  • It’s good to balance between sweets, fruit and salt intake with snacks.


  • Keep healthy snacks on their level, but others out of reach because snacks affect dinner!

  • Moms need to support moms, not compete with each other on what they serve their kiddos.  Every family is different and every parent requires and expects different things when it comes to what they allow their kids to eat.  The important thing is to have variety and fun and health, all rolled into one – so that meal time and snack time is enjoyable, not deplorable!

Summer Snacks
by Marcy Lytle

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