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It’s mid summer and lots of things are happening, people are vacationing, kids are bored, life is still going…and the temps are rising.  But are we taking note of what we learn?  I like to, and I like to share it with you!

Need a good trail mix of sorts for your next road trip?  Head to Walgreens and dump all of this in a bowl and enjoy! (see pic left)

Do you know the term militaria?  I didn’t and I looked it up – which makes sense – but also found out I had pronounced it all wrong!

Whataburger has a digital kitchen in my town, now!  Read all about it!

Ever tried Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches? Yummy!

There’s a super simple craft for hanging something pretty in your yard!  Take two jelly jars, a branch and some twine and create a piece of art to hang from the tree.  Insert fake or real flowers!  And easy thing for the kids to do, as well!

Fly fans – they work – for your tables outside – get a couple from Amazon!

Udder Smooth lotion – on the shelves at Dollar Tree – is a fave for on the go lotion.  My husband loves it for his rough skin!

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TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - fan.jpg
TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - udder.jpg
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We read that Handel’s Ice Cream is #1 on the planet, according to National Geographic.  We just got one in our city – it’s good.  See if there’s one near you!

I’ve always said men’s tees fit women better – with crew neck and longer sleeves.  Works for the girls, too!  11 year old Ayla likes the boys' tees for the same reason!

Solar lamps on your porch are just plain cute and inviting.  Big Lots has a cute one!

Best Maid pickle juice over ice, then bits of pickle on top – they say it’s good!

Need some new lawn chairs? We tried very style in multiple stores and opted for the old style with the woven straps in a pretty green and brown…and we love them.

Have you made lemonade this summer yet?  Why not?  Squeeze some lemons in a cute summer pitcher and add water, and however much sugar you like.  It even tastes good with a slice of banana bread for breakfast!

TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - pickle.jpg
TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - chairs.jpg
TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - lemon.jpg
TIPS - july 2024 - tried and true - lamp.jpg

Thinking of upgrading your front yard or porch? 

Pick a neighborhood you like and go for a walk there, and snap photos of looks you love.  It helps!

Goya brand foods are good, I’ve found.  I recently purchased frozen tostones and a Goya Cuban rice in a box.  Easy supper, and delish!

If you’ve got a community college or university near you, consider your evening or morning walks on their trails! 


Gonna enjoy Christmas in July?  Let your table centerpiece and tree be a pineapple with sunglasses, and ornaments!

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Last Month's Learnin'...
by Marcy Lytle
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